AASCA Basketball Experience

AASCA Basketball took place in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. (October 23-27, 2019)

Get to know more about our team members and their experience at the AASCA Basketball Tournament held in Honduras, October 23-27.


1. Jean Paul Bernard (11th Grade):

(About winning MVP)

It was a great honor for me, as it had been a goal of mine for a long time; something I had been working towards, and I finally achieved it. I now feel satisfied with myself and confident that my career in basketball is just beginning.

(About what he learned in AASCA)

I realized that, as a team, we can accomplish incredible things. There are differences between us: sometimes we disagree on certain issues and argue, but when we get out on the court, all these problems disappear and we play extraordinarily. AASCA definitely made us closer as a team, and we all realized that by putting our doubts, worries, and insecurities aside, we can go beyond what we think our limits are and achieve anything.

(About giving advice to student athletes/new generation of basketball team)

I want to tell student athletes that there is no limit to what you can accomplish. Maybe you feel as if there are things setting you back;  maybe it’s your age or a skill you haven’t yet reached, something you’re struggling with, but these are all things you can overcome. Things you WILL overcome, only if you continue to work towards your goals with determination.


2. Min Gue Kwak (11th Grade):

(About receiving this opportunity)

I was happy and excited to have this opportunity. Throughout the second half of my summer vacation, I had practiced alongside many of my teammates, and I was overjoyed, but at the same time relieved that my efforts during those practice sessions amounted to something: entry onto the school’s main basketball team.

(Learning anything valuable about himself/the team)

I learned many things about the team, but I believe I learned more about myself. During these games, I saw how our team was hardworking. However, we simply lacked physical endurance and discipline. Many of our members were mentally and physically defeated after losses, and there was nothing more we could do other than keep fighting. I personally learned that I have a motivation to do well in something. For the first time, I was actively working towards a goal with all of my efforts. It wasn’t a simple task I had to complete. I wanted to do well in the games, to make my efforts and hard work worth it.

(About having any hopes for next year)

I hope to become a better player overall, and participate and contribute to a more skilled team. Conversely, I am considering not participating in extracurricular sports next year in order to focus more on my grades.

(About the most enjoyable parts of the AASCA trip)

The thing I enjoyed the most throughout the trip were my interactions with my teammates. By being out of our traditional school environment, I felt that I got to see a different face from each of my teammates.

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