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Nature is a wild, wonderful, wacky place. Full of incredible creatures ranging from poisonous frogs to beautiful butterflies, the animals Mother Earth has provided to us have inhabited this Earth far longer than us, and they seem to have figured out a few things we haven’t. Things like how to not screw over the Earth with their living and eating habits, how to not have massive, world-changing wars with each other, how to not hunt each other into extinction – but what they have managed to not do isn’t what this is about, rather, it’s what these animals can do, something that so many people on this Earth haven’t been able to. And that is – wait for it – to reproduce. To get laid. To sleep with the fishes… if you were a fish.

Animals have managed to survive for centuries, and it’s due to their astounding abilities to hunt, eat, and… uh, have babies. And, with the passing of the aforementioned centuries, these animals have changed as well, becoming faster, more heat resistant, gaining the ability to eat plastic – but none of these abilities quite compare to an animal’s evolutionary trump card – the ability to become more attractive.

A bluebird becoming a more vibrant blue, a toad croaking more bass-ily, or a fox screaming louder than ever before, these evolutionary changes that make the animal in question more attractive to the opposite sex clearly show that the better looking (or sounding) you are, the more likely you are to continue your family tree. This is something that is so blatantly obvious, so clear, that it makes you wonder, ‘Why would this, of all things, be something special?’ Well, it’s because us humans, us brilliant, innovative, astounding humans, have decided to throw that particular evolutionary trait into the trash. And boy, oh boy, are we proud of that.

What do I mean by that? Well, recently (within the past 20 years) humans as a species have decided to forego the time-tested method of picking our spouses and lovers based off their physical appearance/ability, and have instead decided to go with a more ‘P.C.’ way of choosing a potential lover. Instead of looking at who has the biggest muscles, the most intelligent mind, or the best survivability, we now attempt to find people who are ‘charming’ or ‘funny’ (not that I’m complaining, of course, because I like to think of myself as both charming and funny). Choosing people who are jocks or models is even shunned now, as the politically correct side of the human race thinks that choosing a capable, attractive spouse is, well, practically unethical.

The idea that we need to appreciate people for ‘who they are on the inside’ has gone so far as to make others feel bad that they were attracted to someone for their looks alone, or for choosing a date on Tinder just because the photo looked good. Even thinking that someone is ‘ugly’ or ‘fat’ is now considered extremely, extremely rude and not P.C. at all, when in fact it is merely an evolutionary response to the way a person presents themselves.

This idea that every person should have an equal chance, an equal opportunity to find love was at first an incredibly optimistic, wonderful idea, but quickly changed into a construct where those who are jealous of other people’s bodies have an excuse to shame them without looking like they are jealous, instead just appearing ‘valiant, and trying to right the wrongs of this modern day world’.

Beauty isn’t something that every person starts out with. It’s something that is genetically passed down, and by no means is attraction something that is spread evenly across the board of life. But, everyone has a chance at looking good; working out, dieting, and personal hygiene are all simple, proactive things someone can do to aim for a better body type, and the excuse of ‘I have mental beauty’ or the putdown of ‘it’s just superficial beauty’ are no more than the petty arguments of those who haven’t put in the effort to gain what is so clearly in reach. No beauty is truly superficial, and no mind is so great that deserves unconditional love – something that this world could really learn.

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