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ANS Band Performs for Elementary Students

On October 17th, the ANS Concert Band held a concert for the class of 2026. The concert took place in the band room, and lasted approximately half and hour. Several students and teachers attended the event.

The concert was organized by Mr. John Spiro, with the purpose of inspiring elementary students and cultivating a culture of music appreciation among young minds. 

The repertoire was diverse, as it consisted of songs from several different genres, performed by different students, and executed in different ways. Some songs were performed by the band as a whole, while others were vocal or instrumental duets.

The band opened by playing the anthem of Nicaragua, ”Salve a ti, Nicaragua,” as well as the anthem of the United States, ”The Star Spangled Banner,” paying respects to both countries the school is a part of. 

After this, the band played ”Bohemian Rhapsody,” by the band Queen, ”El burro,” which is a traditional song from the Caribbean region of Nicaragua, and ”See You Again,” by Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth.

The concert included performances by smaller groups of students as well, allowing the young musicians’ multiple areas of talent to shine through. Elinor Ketelhohn and Eduardo Bendana sang ”Shallows,” a popular song by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper; Fátima Martinez and Andrew Lopez played ”The Pink Panther,” on the alto saxophone and tenor saxophone, respectively; Carlos Hondoy, on the trumpet, and Orlando Arguello, on the guitar, played the song ”Riptide,” by Vance Joy; and finally, Oliver Castro delivered a trumpet performance of ”Hey Jude,” by the Beatles.

The crowd reacted energetically, and the concert was, over all, a success. There will be more performances by the ANS music department in the near future.

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