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ANS NHS Induction Ceremony Takes Place

On Thursday, October 17, the induction ceremony for ANS’ National Honor Society (NHS) took place in the ANS Music Room from 5 pm to 6:15 pm.

The remodeled room, with its improved visuals and modern acoustics, was a fantastic place for the prestigious event to take place. In addition to wonderful aesthetics, the venue possessed good capacity, comfortably accommodating the five officers, 16 members and 25 new inductees of NHS, as well as family members and ANS faculty.

ANS NHS 2019-2020

After an orderly procession of NHS members into the room, who were dressed immaculately in their distinctive white togas and held candles, the ceremony opened with powerful renditions of the national anthems of Nicaragua and the United States by the ANS Band, directed by Mr. Spiro.

Following the musical performances, ANS Director General Dr. Mancuso gave an inspiring welcome speech, in which he elucidated upon the great honor and responsibility that came with being in the NHS. 

Dr. Mancuso encouraged NHS members to continue flourishing both inside and outside the school community, to be diligent, and to be conscientious citizens and leaders of the world. He quoted former U.S. president Barack Obama, expressing that “change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.” He motivated NHS members to be that change.

NHS inductees during the pledge

Following Dr. Mancuso’s speech, ANS senior and elected National Honor Society president Elinor Ketelhöhn began to explain the name of ANS’ NHS chapter, Quetzalcoatl, in her opening speech. She expressed that ANS’ chapter is named after the Olmec creator god Quetzalcoatl, whose benevolence, generosity, passion, leadership and innovation with the Mesoamericans allowed the Olmecs to become the most advanced civilization of their time in their region, as well as a lasting universal symbol of love, harmony and progress.

Ketelhöhn stated that “Quetzalcoatl symbolizes the honest ambition of humankind to rise above earthly, common endeavors to the heights of excellence available only to the very best. Quetzalcoatl serves as inspiration to our Honor Society members.”

The president’s speech was followed by the speeches of ANS juniors Anastasio Ortiz, Yoon Gi Park, Veronica Lanuza and Dominique Chamorro—vice-president, secretary, treasurer and parliamentarian this year respectively. They each gave great speeches on the meaning and importance of the four fundamental pillars of National Honor Society: character, scholarship, leadership and service. 

Mrs. Kruger gives ANS senior, Frank Matus, his certificate

After the NHS officers were finished, guest speaker Mr. Rodrigo Diaz rose to the podium to give his special address. Mr. Diaz is an ANS alumnus (Class of 2005), and currently a science teacher at ANS, teaching 11th Grade Chemistry and 8th Grade Physical Science. As a student, he had been a member of both NJHS and NHS. He gave a passionate speech, reminding both the inductees and original members about the importance and responsibility that being a member of an honor society as prestigious as NHS was. Mr. Diaz expressed that all members should use their NHS membership as a way to improve their community, and by extension, the world around them.

Finally, the highlight of the induction ceremony was the NHS pledge, where inductees would officially enter NHS and students who were already members would reaffirm their commitment. With lit candles, all students successfully did so. Later, Secondary School principal Mrs. Kruger gave certificates to new NHS members, and family members went to the stage to put official NHS stoles on the inductees.

The ANS students who had already been members of the National Honors Society were:

11th grade 12th grade
Min Gue Kwak 

Gi Ah Lee

Sung Eun Park

Ana Rizo

Ana Gabriela Bendaña Peña

María Cobos

María Alejandra Delgadillo

Andrea Farach

Alexandra Gomez

Faynette Herndon

Jiehong Jung

Ji Su Kim

Daniella Lacayo

Maria Fernanda Pertz

Claudio Rosales

Wei-Ting Shih


The ANS students who were inductees of National Honor Society this year were: 

10th grade 11th grade 12th grade
Isabella Alvarado

Luciano Carrion

Ana Cobos

Nydia del Carmen

Mariana Delgado

Camilla Gutierrez

Caroline Ketelhöhn

Tarek Khatib

Minji Kwak

Chaerin Lee

Fatima Martinez

Andrea Molina

Alfonso Ortega

Andrea Sacasa

Fabio Silva

Paulina Cuadra

Eduardo Gutierrez

Melida Lacayo

Paulo Mayorga

Carmen Sandino

Cinthia Campos

Marcelo de los Santos

Andrea Martinez

Frank Matus

Sebastian Wong

Following the pledge and certificates, the ceremony concluded, and the NHS 2019-2020 members, ANS staff and family members celebrated outside the Music Room with refreshments. The induction ceremony was a great success!

ANS sophomore and NHS inductee, Ana Cobos, with her parents

ANS sophomore and NHS inductee, Fabio Silva, stated that he was elated to be accepted into NHS. He stated, “I am proud to be part of this prestigious organization, and know it will help me a lot in the future to develop as a person. I am also humbled, because I know that as an NHS member I will have to be even more aware of how I act and behave; I have to be an example to others.”

ANS junior and NHS inductee, Paulina Cuadra, with family members

Fellow ANS sophomore and NHS inductee, Isabella Alvarado, also affirmed her happiness at being accepted into the Quetzalcoatl chapter of the National Honor Society. 

“I am very happy and proud to have been allowed such an honor,” she commented. “At first, I was sad and disappointed because I had not been accepted. Later on, though, I was informed I had been accepted! They had not accepted me before because there had been a logistical problem with my application. I feel grateful and very honored to be in NHS, and will do my best to always show my commitment to it.”

Congratulations to the new inductees of the ANS Quetzalcoatl chapter of the National Honor Society! There is no doubt that you will make us proud, and that you will continue to uphold the wonderful NHS pillars of character, scholarship, leadership and service both inside and outside of our school community.

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