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Innovative Ways Countries Help Environment

Companies, countries, and organizations are taking steps to save the environment from climate change. Here are 5 actions they have taken to improve the environment. 

1. Rome Metro takes the initiative to exchange plastic bottles as train fare

The eco-friendly approach was proposed by Rome Mayor, Virginia Raggi. The machines were placed in three train stations for a 12-month trial. Every plastic bottle provides 0.05 euros; therefore, 30 bottles will complete one metro ride of 1.50 euros. 


2. Denmark buys the last elephants from the circus 

Denmark buys for a total of 1.3 million euros the four remaining elephants that performed in a circus to give them a proper retirement. The country plans on banning animals from circuses after this year. 


3. India opens a cafe in Chhattisgarh that exchanges plastic for food 

India has come up with an approach to keeping the environment clean as well as helping its community. The cafe in Chhattisgarh named “Garbage Cafe” is providing food for anyone who has collected trash. The restaurant is also planning on providing houses for the homeless who collect plastic. Furthermore, the plastic is used to make roads by mixing asphalt, which makes the roads more durable. 


4. Organization “Hug It Forward” makes schools from plastic in Guatemala 

“Hug It Forward” is a US-based non-profit organization in Guatemala that has been operating for 9 years and its main goal is to build schools through an eco-friendly method, replacing cinder blocks with eco-bricks made out of plastic bottles filled with inorganic materials. The project also provides environmental awareness among students and fosters community work.

5. Thailand replaces plastic packaging with banana leaves 

In Thailand, a supermarket has introduced an innovative way to reduce the use of single-use plastic by replacing it with banana leaves and securing the packaging with a flexible bamboo piece. This method is a cheaper alternative because it is available in nature and won’t take time and energy manufacturing plastic packaging.  Although the banana-wrapping method might not work in non-tropical places, other supermarkets can use biodegradable materials. 


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