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DALE VII – Success

This past weekend, the seventh congress of Debate Academico de Lideres Estudiantes (DALE) at Hotel Camino Real took place. After 8-9 months of continuous planning and preparation, students from various schools participated.

DALE is a simulation of OAS style debates using their parliamentary procedure. It was founded in 2013 by ANS Spanish teacher, Sonia Dávila, together with the students Eduardo Terán, Manolo Baca and Jonathan Rostrán, of the American Nicaraguan School and Nicaragua Christian Academy International. In DALE, students have to bring sources, as well as analyze them, so that intuitive claims and critical thinking is put into motion, which leads to open ideas and true democratic ideals.

Emotions ran high! Before the big event, students were offered 13 committees where they could “embark on their own journeys”, whether it’d be as ministers or presidents or lawyers. Some of the committees offered in English were the OAS Special Mission, UN Security Council, and Inter-American Court of Human Rights. In Spanish they were the Comunidad de Estados Latinoamericanos y Caribeños, Cumbre de las América, and others. There was also a French committee. All of these committees debated about different topics and agreements. For example, OAS, discussed the topics of firearm regulations and urbanization problems, with students representing a variety of delegations like Brazil, United States, Canada, etc.

The following people won the award for “Best Delegate”:

English Committee:

Historical Cabinet of Abraham Lincoln – Diego Oliver (NCA Int.)
OAS Special Mission – Sofia Coen (ANS)
United Nations Security Council – Isabella Ampie (CSA)
Inter-American Court of Human Rights – Brandon Ha (ANS)
Press Corps/Cuerpo de Prensa – Maria Alejandra Morales Silva (ANS)

French Committee:

Le Conseil des Ministres de Léon Blum, 1936 – Alexandra Orsoni (Liceo Franco Nicaragüense Víctor Hugo)

Spanish Committee:

Gabinete Histórico Isabel de Perón – Carlos Icabalceta (LIA)
Cumbre de las Américas – Alejandro Maya (CCA)
Consejo Permanente de la OEA – Álvaro Icaza (CCA)
Comunidad de Estados Latinoamericanos y Caribeños – CELAC 2025 – Alejandra Cascante (NCA Nejapa)
Corte Interamericana de Derechos Humanos – Camila Figueroa (CCA)

In the end, everyone showed their best effort and came to several different agreements/solutions during this 9-hour event. DALE has gathered an impressive amount of students throughout the years, with the objective of uniting, inspiring and preparing leaders for the future.

Congratulations to everyone that attended the seventh congress of DALE!

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