ANS Band Performs in Galerías Santo Domingo

On October 4th, the ANS band delivered an incredible performance in the central plaza of Galerías Santo Domingo. It was organized by Mr. John Spiro, with the assistance of Mr. Miguel Medrano. Members of the ANS Concert Band, along with vocalists, presented themselves on stage and shared their music with the public.

A great amount of people were able to enjoy the concert, as it took place in a popular spot of Managua. The crowd filled the space and even reached the second floor, where people leaned over the edge to get a view of the performers. The audience included students of ANS and their family members, as well as passersby who stopped to listen to the music. 

The event included two concerts, each half an hour long; one beginning at 11:45am and the other at 1:00pm, allowing for a wide variety of people to experience the show. The repertoire consisted of eight songs in total, four played by the entirety of the band, two instrumental duets, and two vocal duets. The band opened with the national anthem of Nicaragua, ”Salve a ti, Nicaragua.”

This was followed by the following songs: ”Bohemian Rhapsody,” an iconic song by the band Queen; a vocal performance by Elinor Ketelhohn of ”Donde voy,” a 1989 song by Tish Hinojosa; a duet of Vance Joy’s ”Riptide,” with Carlos Hondoy on trumpet and Orlando Arguello on guitar; ”El Burro,” a traditional song from the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua; a duet of ”Pink Panther,” with Fátima Martinez on alto saxophone and Andrew Lopez on tenor saxophone; a duet of the popular song ”Shallows” by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, sung by Elinor Ketelhohn and Mr. Medrano; and finally, ”See You Again,” by Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth, the closing song of the concert.

The show was a great success. The band received praise and congratulations from members of the audience, and the musicians themselves were satisfied with their work. ”We were very happy to have people listen to and appreciate what we’ve worked so hard on,” says Valeria Alfaro, the clarinetist and drummer of the band. 

This wasn’t the band’s first time performing for the public. In December of 2018, the band performed in a Christmas-themed concert in Galerías Santo Domingo. Since then, the group has grown, both in members and in ability. 

The band will be having more performances in the near future.

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