Opinion: My Experience in a Boston College Summer Program

Boston College is a private Jesuit research University located in Boston, Massachusetts. It is among the nation’s foremost universities, considered a leader in liberal arts, scientific inquiry, and student formation. 

For three weeks, I attended the school, having enrolled in the Boston College Experience summer program for high school students. More than 300 students participated in the program, the diverse class choices appealing to a diverse group of people. The students who attended were of ages 14 to 18, and came from several different countries. 

I applied to the program for various different reasons: I knew participating in college programs, and doing productive work in the summer in general, looked good in college applications in the future, I wanted to get a taste of what independence and life after highschool would be like, and I wanted to learn and grow in the topic of the course I chose.

The courses available were the following: Business and Leadership, College Writing, Creative Writing, Criminal and Social Justice, Digital Communities, English Language, Forensics and Crime Scene Analysis, Government, Globalization, and World Affairs, Introduction to Economic Principles, Introduction to Psychology, Investigative Reporting Workshop, Psychology of the Arts, and Sports Management. I chose something I knew I was interested and wanted to pursue: creative writing. 

The program promised ”a taste of academics and college life on the beautiful Boston College campus,” a ”preview of (BC’s) rigorous curriculum taught by current Boston College faculty,” and an exploration of historic Boston and surrounding universities. A goal of the program was for students to ”engage in experiential learning and extracurricular activities such as motivational guest speaker series and workshops while making new friends and having fun.” In only three weeks, I felt as if I had matured as a person, and gained valuable pieces of knowledge that I will utilize in the near future. 

While studying creative writing in Boston College, I realized what writing can do for the world. I was taught by real authors and real poets, and gained entry to a world that I previously thought was closed off. I realized that writing was not something only a selective group of people could perform in, but rather, it was a powerful tool I could use to make an impact. I could write something that would speak to someone, that would mean something. I could say what I wanted to say, and even spread awareness on bigger issues. I took the opportunity to use writing to inform the class about Nicaragua, and the events that have recently taken place in the country. 

Living on the Boston College campus during the summer helped me gain insight on what college life will be like. I learned more about myself, and what I want in my future. I was able to assess not only Boston College as a potential future university, but other universities in the area as well. Over the course of the program, we visited Brown University, Boston University, Northeastern University, and Tufts University, and were exposed to the schools’ cultures, student lives, and the opportunities offered there. 

In addition, I was able to meet many new people and, because of this, learn about their different cultures and lives in their countries. 

My three weeks in Boston College marked a turning point in my life. Having attended the summer program and been able to experience living independently for three weeks, I feel more prepared for college and for the future in general. It is an experience I am extremely grateful for and will value forever. 

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