The First College Acceptance of the Class of 2020: Edoardo Amador Admitted to AMDA

On June 20th of 2018, Edoardo Amador was accepted to the American Musical and Dramatic Academy (AMDA). Before even starting senior year, he already was accepted to college. 

“I’m getting a Bachelor of Fine Arts. I get to take all the classes that are essential for a Musical Theater major, and I can also choose some other classes,” says Amador.

“I always knew, since 6th grade, that I wanted to go to AMDA,” says Amador. “It was always my top choice, so as soon as I found out I could apply as a junior, I couldn’t wait.”

Clearly, he was entirely driven to apply to AMDA, and he did so successfully, gaining not only an acceptance, but a scholarship as well. 

However, the process was rigorous; he had to audition in person in Florida, USA in May of 2018. He auditioned for a scout, and got a response very quickly. Luckily, he was already in Florida performing for the Broward Center for the Performing Arts, so he did not need to travel solely for the audition.

AMDA allows students to study in both of their campuses: in New York and in California. 

“I’m excited that I will get to travel,  I will spend two years in Manhattan, and two years in Los Angeles, so I’ll get to meet a lot of people,” explained Amador. “At first I was mostly excited to go to New York City, since I would get exposure to the musical theater world, but now im equally excited for Los Angeles too, since the west coast also has tons of opportunities. I’ll meet new people in the industry… we’ll literally be in Hollywood.”

He hopes to have multiple connections in the industry in both cities by the time he graduates. He aims to start working in an actor’s union right away.

“At first, I definitely want to perform… but I’m open to branching out into other things later: voice coaching, choreography, producing, etc. Maybe doors are opened in the future!”

Amador performing ‘Chicago.’ Photo by Ian Ibbetson.

His profound interest for this discipline started in his early adolescence. His first exposure to musical theater was a documentary of ‘In the Heights.” 

“I fell in love instantly,” he recalls. 

Moreover, he participated in the Performance Project Theater Company & School of the Arts with The Broward Center for the Performing Arts in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. 

“I am grateful for the Performance Project, which was my first interaction with musical theater… with people who genuinely love the industry…. I felt accepted in a little group where I truly belong.”

Amador performing ‘Chicago.’ Picture by Ian Ibbetson.

He claims that his parents were a source of support and motivation. At first, his father was reluctant with the idea of his son pursuing a career in the performing arts, suggesting he should follow a more conventional career. 

“It took some convincing, but now he (father) is one of my greatest supporters,” says Amador. 

Currently, his time and energy are focused on teaching the Drama I course for secondary students, and on prepping the Drama Club for AASCA Drama, as well as directing future musical performances. 

“ANS has been a great place to spread appreciation for musical theater. We don’t have that culture (that organically appreciates the arts), but I’ve been able to implement the program on campus… so I’m grateful for the support I’ve had for this.”

“Edo is really driven, he had the initiate to create a club, and now we’re putting on performances,” comments Drama Club member, Gabriel Vargas.

He’s also considered further developing the arts in Nicaragua in the future. He suggested that he might established his own academy. 

“I want to use my experience, and hopefully help make the artists of the future. That’s the whole point of the drama class… to expand the arts,” he adds. “If Nicaragua is still not ready for the arts, maybe it’s not my job. But if the opportunity arises, I would definitely try to invest in the arts in my country.”

Already, Amador has made significant change in the school regarding the performing arts. His passion and determination is undeniable. 

“As long as I do what I love, and I follow this passion, there is no empty stomach that is ever gonna stop me,” remarks Amador. “If I can make others happy with my job, I have no doubt in mind that I’ll never get tired of this.” 

“I hope I’ll be like Bette Midler, and never quit until I cannot move!”

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