Lester Hernandez’s Journey to Professional Softball

Lester Hernandez’s Journey to Professional Softball

(Lester Hernandez’s picture during the day of his resignation)

The American Dream

During the last week of this past August, Carola Molina, the director of human resources at ANS, received the surprising news that, Lester Xavier Hernandez, was quitting his job. She called him for an exit interview to figure out the reason for such a surprising departure. During the interview, Lester revealed that he had been contacted by the Equipo Managua in Miami to play in a professional sports league. Ms. Molina revealed it is very rare for someone to go from being a part of the cleaning staff to being a professional player. She described it as “the American dream”.

Dreams Can Come True

According to Ms. Molina, she inquired as to how Hernandez was able to fulfill his dream. She shared his story of a scout arriving from Miami to chose 3o players for a contest of elimination to chose the prospect. Hernandez was one of the three players who were chosen, and this enabled him to get the visa permission to go to the United States. Mrs Molina also mentioned that the list of players was shortened by many visa rejections. Hernandez resigned the same day that his visa was accepted, which allows him to stay in USA as long as he works/plays for the team.

Lester Hernandez’s Current Status

Lester Hernandez has already left for Miami and as of now is already with the team. It is still unknown whether he has already signed his professional contract or not, but most certainly this should happen at some point in the foreseeable future.

(Image of Equipo Managua, team Lester Hernandez is now part of)

We here in the ANS community are extremely proud to hear stories like these from one of our own and we look toward hearing more from Lester Hernandez and other amazing stories from members from our community!

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