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Independence Day Celebration: “Journey Through Nicaragua”

Breaking the tradition of celebrating the Nicaraguan Independence day with an annual show, ANS held its 2019 Independence Day celebrations with a fair organized by middle and high school students on the Spanish lawn on September 12th. The fair lasted an hour in the morning and was titled, “Journey Through Nicaragua”. Students from 6th graders to seniors set up murals and presented various performances.

Students dressed in traditional Nicaraguan clothing.

The lawn near the Spanish department was filled with stands that were each decorated uniquely. 6th graders had an oral presentation about the independence of Nicaragua; while sophomores, juniors, and seniors represented one of the many departments of the country and adorned their stands with murals that contained information about the place’s culture, history, geography, tourism, traditions, and gastronomy. In addition, students and teachers had the opportunity to try typical foods from different departments. Many departments represented were Boaco, Chontales, Chinandega, León, Rivas, Río San Juan, Masaya; not to mention the Autonomous Regions of the Caribbean: RAAN and RAAS.

8th graders performing Palo de Mayo.
Photo Credit: Fátima Martínez

8th graders had a stunning performance of the dance Palo de Mayo, an Afro-Caribbean dance that is part of the culture of RAAS, the South Caribbean Coast Autonomous Region. Sophomores, juniors, and seniors also performed dances and songs from their assigned department. Sophomore Nydia del Carmen sang “Caballito Chontaleño” by Camilo Zapata while sophomores Caroline Ketelhohn, Valeria Alfaro, and Mia Stephens performed a dance with “Boaco, tierra de amores” by singer Eufemio López.

Students agree that the fair was a success. Sophomore, Fabio Silva shared his thoughts.  He stated that “The fair was a very meaningful experience for me. Not only did I get the opportunity to learn more about my country, I got to teach others as well.”

Meanwhile, Nicaragua achieved its independence on September 15, 1821 with its Declaration of Independence, recognized by a representative of the Spanish crown. However, September 14th is also celebrated as the triumph on the battle of San Jacinto against the American filibusters that took place in 1856.

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