ANS Band Performs for Nicaraguan Independence Day

On Wednesday, September 11th, the ANS band performed in honor of Nicaragua’s Independence. September is a month in which the country is brought together in celebration for having become independent from Spain in 1821. Looking to contribute to the patriotic atmosphere of the school, music teacher Mr. John Spiro organized a set of performances of traditional Nicaraguan music. 

This marked the ANS band’s first performance of the school year. The event took place in the new band room, which can accommodate as much as 120 people. The performances were divided into three, each approximately 10 minutes long, and each for a different audience. One show was at 11:10, for lower elementary students; the other at 11:30, for upper elementary and middle school; and the final one at 11:50, for a high school audience. Parents and teachers also attended the show. 

The opening song was ”Salve a ti, Nicaragua,” the national anthem of Nicaragua, written by Salomón Ibarra Mayorga, composed by Ernesto o Anselmo Castinove, and arranged by Luis A. Delgadillo. The second song of the event was ”Nicaragua, Nicaragüita,” a famous Nicaraguan song written by the musician Carlos Mejía Godoy. It was performed by Fátima Martinez on the flute. The band closed with ”El Burro,” an upbeat, traditional Palo de Mayo song from the Caribbean region of Nicaragua. 

Student musicians worked hard on their repertoire, and the performance proved to be a success. Mr. Spiro and the band received a wave of positive feedback and congratulations, with numerous people who attended commenting on the quality of the music and their excitement for future performances. 

”It was the first time we performed in the school year, and the first time performing in the new band room as well, so it was very exciting,” said Andrew Lopez, a 10th grade student and tenor saxophonist of the ANS band. ”I was happy to be able to connect with my Nicaraguan roots.”

The band will continue to practice and learn new songs, and to prepare for future performances. The next performance will take place in the central plaza of Galerías Santo Domingo, on October 4th.

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