OPINION: Radioactive Water Potentially Dumped in Ocean

We should be alarmed about what Japan is planning. They are deciding to potentially take a step backward in dealing with radioactive contamination which can affect all of us. Japan’s Fukushima’s nuclear plant is running out of storage for the contaminated water used to cool down reactors. Surprisingly, Japan believes that the best option is to pour the contaminated water into the ocean, and then dilute it.

There are many problems regarding Japan’s potential decision. Although the company is planning to dilute the contaminated water, there might be a chance that the radioactive water will travel to other places, especially freshwater sources. Radioactive exposure in the water can put a person’s life at risk as an excessive amount of hazardous chemicals can cause cancer when consumed. In addition, the contaminated water is also capable of damaging different organs and lowering their function. 

Japan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga stated that they are still unsure about the course of action, yet, their planning process should be meticulously thought out. I believe the best course of action would be to present to the public the safest method to dilute the contaminated water, especially because neighboring countries such as Korea will be affected and this may increase tensions  between the two countries.

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