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Meaningful Cultural Exchange: Taiwan & Nicaragua

The ANS Youth Delegation to Taiwan (AYDT) is a new enrichment opportunity  which allows students to establish deeper connections between the Taiwanese and Nicaraguan language and culture  in both countries. This summer, students from Ms. Yun’s Chinese class traveled to Taiwan to engage in a cultural and language global awareness adventure. It was such a success that  they hope to be able to continue this opportunity for next summer.

Students visited Taipei Kuei Shan School to interact with students and also had many cultural exchanges through activities including, visiting the National Palace where they learned about the history of Taiwan. Students also had  time to go to the famous night markets.

ANS’s goal is to encourage more students and parents to join AYDT and to host another trip in 2020. This is a great opportunity to improve  Chinese language skills by being immersed in the country, learn history, and to experience the Taiwanese culture. Students also actively exchange and share their own culture with people from Taiwan.

On September 9, the members of AYDT hosted a presentation about their experiences in Taiwan and including their exchange in Taipei with the Kuei Shan School. At this school they did many activities with the students such as, presenting Nicaragua and the Nicaraguan culture, and volunteered as helpers for the kindergarten classes.

Students expressed their enthusiasm about hosting another trip to Taiwan next year, calling it the trip as one that establishes your passion for a different culture, one that establishes essential life skills like organization and independence, and an indescribable, beautiful trip to new lands.

If you wish to learn more about AYDT and about their trip in Taiwan, visit their YouTube channel to learn more information.

It is also worth mentioning that the Chinese class is currently hosting the Mid-Autumn Festival in the library which began on September 9th and will go on until September 20th. Don’t miss their Calligraphy Exhibition where attendees have the opportunity to meet two professional calligraphers whose work is featured in the exhibition.

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