Get to Know Dr. Steve Mancuso

Get to Know Dr. Steve Mancuso

By: Paulo Mayorga


On Tuesday September 27, 2019, Eye of The Tiger sat down with Dr Mancuso for an interview. We were curious about the new director general of ANS, and learned how relatable he really is.

(Photo of Dr. Mancuso at the interview)


30 Years

This school year(2019-2020) will be Dr. Steve Mancuso’s 30th year as an educator. He started out as a teacher and then became an athletic director and teacher within his stays in Canada and Colombia.  During his next stance at Saudi Arabia, he was an athletic director and a teacher, but then became an assistant principal. From Saudi Arabia, he moved to Jordan where he was the principal of middle school and high school for 8 years. Then he moved to Venezuela, where he served as a superintendent before joining ANS here in Nicaragua.


Most Challenging Time

Dr. Mancuso’s most challenging time as a principal was when he was working in Jordan. During  summer break, he received a call from the school that informed him that four students had died in a car accident. This was his hardest time because he had to console the tragedy-struck families and community. According to Dr. Mancuso, it was also challenging for him personally because he couldn’t imagine what it was like as to lose a child. 


New Prospects

The prospect of joining ANS came a year and a half before Dr. Keller’s departure. Dr. Mancuso learned of this through a colleague who was familiar with ANS. He describes that the world of the international school community is small, where one can find out which principal, teacher, or director is moving out or into another school. Dr. Mancuso was aware that Dr. Keller enjoyed working at ANS, so Mancuso decided to put himself forward as a potential candidate for the job.  


As a Student and Pet Peeves

Steve Mancuso had a difficult start to his life and especially in school, where according to him, he didn’t have the best of behavior, describing it as “falling to the dark side”. It was not only until the 10th grade when he turned things around. He managed to get into the best college in Canada, and continued onto five other universities, and has numerous degrees including a doctorate. Dr. Mancuso sees every student as equal and with a chance of overcoming challenges no matter what they are because of what he went through.  One of his biggest pet peeves are the students who interrupt the learning environment in class, as he has no tolerance for disruptions in learning. Another of his  pet peeves is lying, as he sees himself as an honest person and prefers it when both student and educator are honest to one another. 


Ideas and Improvements

Dr. Mancuso is scoping out the educational environment of ANS and discovering if there are any weaknesses. He mentions that many parents complained about the math system of the school, which is why new math coaches have been hired to train other math teachers. Aside from improving the math sector, Dr. Mancuso is also waiting for more surveys from students and teachers to see what needs to be changed. In his own words, he doesn’t want to make the changes he believes are the best, but “what the community thinks”. In this way, improving the math program at ANS is only the start of potentially more improvements depending on the feedback Dr. Mancuso receives.


The Whole Way Through

According to Dr. Mancuso, he wants to stay as long as possible at ANS. This is because he has many plans to change and improve the school, however, he currently has a contract for three years. From his past experience, according to him, it normally takes +5 years in order to fully and successfully change a school and its environment for the better. As a result, Dr. Mancuso says he wants to stay because he says it would be a good thing to see something he started “the whole way through”.


After getting to know more about Dr. Mancuso, we are excited for what the future holds at ANS!

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