Successful ANS Open House

(Mr. Kruger talking to the parents during the Open House.)

The Open House was last week!

On Tuesday August 27th, and Wednesday August 28th, ANS opened its doors to parents to familiarize themselves with our campus, and to have meetings with teachers for them to elaborate on their method of teaching. Eye of the Tiger interviewed some of the attendees, and here are their thoughts:

Dr. Gertrudiz Gonzalez, elementary school parent and school doctor:

(Gertrudiz Gonzalez)

What are you hoping for in this school year?
I am hoping for this year to be a good one, for my kids to learn what they have to in their class, and for a good environment for my child to learn in.

What are your reasons for being in the Open House?
I want to meet the teachers of my two sons, and I want to know what they are going to learn this year.

What are your opinions about this community?
I have high regards for this community, and I love the way they teach the kids.

Is this school new to you, or is your kid already a student here?
He’s already a student here, this is nothing new for me.

What do you think about the Open House?
It’s a good way to meet the teachers, and to know what my kids will learn.


Dr. Martin Casco, Science Teacher

(Dr. Martin Casco)

What do you like about the Open House? I like that it’s a good opportunity to see the parents face-to-face and that they can share some of their doubts and questions.

Why do you think the Open House is important? I think it’s important because (again) parents can clear any doubts that they might have. In addition, it grants me the ability to become familiar with the parents so that if any problems occur during the semester and students don’t behave well I can reach out to them through an email.

What are you hoping for in the Open House? I’m hoping to see a good number of parents show up, so that way I can share what we’re going to do throughout the year and some of the expectations that they might see with their children. Lastly, I hope that if we do like field trips we can get support from their end as well.




Overall, this year’s open house was a great success where many parents attended the school and classes to learn about their child’s progress as of now in the school year. Teachers and staff members showed their excitement and expectations for parents during this Open House.

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