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Paulina Cuadra Running for STUCO

Paulina Cuadra, a junior, gladly accepted to do an interview with Eye of the Tiger about her goals as a STUCO member. 

In response to why she decided to be part of STUCO, she said that the school has shaped who she is as a person, and is a place where she is majorly supported by the faculty. Now, she believes that it is time to give back to the community by becoming part of STUCO. 

We proceeded to talk about her goal as a future STUCO member. She explained that she has several goals such as senior week, tiger day, inter-school competitions, student v. faculty games, and spirit wars. Most importantly, she envisions a school unity, a unique school culture, and a strong tiger spirit.

Her memorable words about what characteristics make a STUCO member are that it should be someone who’s open-minded and open to various ideas. She further believes that one has to have leadership, should not only have a list of ideas but has to “have a will to implement them” and “dedication to see their ideas to fruition.” 

She ended the interview by saying that she genuinely wants to become part of STUCO because she wants her ideas to come to reality with the goal that everyone experiences a great school year!


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