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Secondary Food Court Is Remodeled

On August 14th, the school opened its campus for the 2019-2020 school year, revealing to students the renovations made over the summer. These renovations include the new band room, and the food court.

The new Food Court

The food court was improved drastically. Walls were put up so that it is now indoors, yet numerous wide windows give a feeling of openness to those inside. In addition, the place is fully air conditioned, allowing staff and students to be comfortable during their time spent there. 

The building is of high standard regarding both comfort, function, and appearance. The area surrounding the food court was remodeled as well, so it is pleasing to the eye of those passing by. Inside it seems more spacious, and as a result of this, cleaner, than it was before. 

From a student perspective, spending the lunch period in the food court is a more enjoyable experience since the renovations were made. The new space allows for more social interaction between students inside. Now, there is a wider variety of students that enjoy their lunch in the food court, whereas in the past, they were more scattered around the campus during their break. 

”Personally, I like being in the food court now much more than I did before,” said Claire Ketelhohn, an eighth grade student, when asked about her experience regarding the remodeled building. She said: ”Before, my friends would always complain about the heat, and how it felt closed and crowded, but now it feels more open, and more hygienic as well; definitely more comfortable.”

The renovated building is one change to the school that has further improved the experience and comfort of students and staff in ANS. Thanks to the positive changes that have been and will be made to the school, the ANS community will continue to grow and become a happier, and healthier group of people.

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