ANS Remodels Band Room

”Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent.” – Victor Hugo

These words are displayed on a poster in a corner of the new band room, reminding student musicians, as they enjoy their new surroundings, that what they do is important. Thanks to the addition of the new band room, the ANS music department will inspire the school with amazing performances by talented students. 

The project was initiated by Dr. Mancuso. The new Director General visited the school in March, and seeing what the band room was at the time, he decided that there was potential in the music department, but a bigger space would be required to help it grow. 

The building it is located in used to house two classrooms, bathrooms, and a storage area. The internal walls separating these areas were knocked down, and the building was turned into one large room for the band to play in. 

The new room is equipped with sound absorbing walls, for proper acoustics. Smooth surfaces cause echoing, and so the uneven levels of the ceiling and walls provide a higher quality of sound. In December, sound absorbing panels will be put up as well.  

The room will be used by several different music classes, led by music teacher, Mr. John Spiro. These classes are Concert Band, Instrumental Music, Discover Music, Guitar, and in the second semester, Vocal Music. 

”From a teaching perspective, the extra space will definitely help students” said Mr. Spiro, when asked about the benefits of the new room. ”In the past, students couldn’t concentrate when practicing individually, as everyone had to play their instruments in the same space, and hearing one sound above the others was very difficult.” 

Now, the size of the music room allows for students to thrive both in individual practice, and in group rehearsal. The room is divided into two sections: one half has desks and a TV console, which is where the teacher can give instructions to students and where can students work on writing assignments; the other half is for rehearsal, having chairs and music stands arranged in a semi-circle, as well as a full drum set and two keyboards. In the back, there is a storage room, where the wide variety of instruments (guitars, bass guitars, brass instruments, woodwinds, MIDI keyboards, etc) is kept. 

Spiro directing the Concert Band

Excitingly, because of the amount of space and the inspiring lighting, the room can also be used for holding concerts. ”We can easily fit about 120 people here,” said Mr. Spiro. These future performances will be events to look forward to, and to remember forever.

ANS’ musicians are a talented and dedicated group of people who, now having a proper space to rehearse and perform in, will spread beautiful music throughout the school, bringing joy into the heart and tears into the eyes of those who get to experience it.

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