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Starbucks’ Environmental Approach

World’s most famous known coffee company, Starbucks, has taken an environmentally friendly approach. Before diving into the explanation I would like to give a back story of why I decided to write this article:

During the summer of 2019, I visited Korea and it was an awesome experience. In particular, my visit to Starbucks. It might seem absurd that a trip to a coffee shop was a memorable experience; however, I saw something that caught my eye and impacted me in a particular way. I didn’t see the classic green straws, instead, I saw white paper straws. I was shocked at first and couldn’t believe that a large corporation was replacing its iconic straws for white paper straws. It was then that I felt proud, strangely, of a company which was finally taking a step towards an environmental change.

This visit inspired me to investigate how those straws arrived at the Starbucks shop where I sipped my passion tea.

As of July 2018, the corporation announced that it was going to eliminate all plastic straws globally by 2020. They believe that their decision will help cut 1billion single-use plastic straws that are being thrown away every year. In September of 2018, Starbucks has sent their new developed paper straws to 100 stores in South Korea to test out their product.

The corporation initiated a collaboration that is known as the NextGen Consortium with companies such as McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Coca-Cola Company, Yum! Brands, Nestlé, and the World Wildlife Fund to investigate and discover new recycling and composting methods. These large companies are aiming to spread awareness on the use of environmentally-friendly cups around the globe.

Starbucks has also developed a lightweight and straw-free lid that is soon going to take over the 300,000 stores around the world. The materials used for the new lid are more durable and uses 9 percent less plastic than the former lid. It’s a win-win situation for the environment and the consumer. Although there are lids such as the Nitro lid, the domed ones, that use wide plastic straws for “optimal sips of liquid and foam” still in use, the company is planning to find for an alternative by 2020.

Big corporations are heading towards an environmental approach and it seems that this trend will continue as long as consumers show their interest in protecting the planet Earth. Therefore, the change in the world all comes down to the decisions we make as consumers and the use of our voice to raise awareness about the continuous environmental problems.

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