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ANS Student Attends Harvard Summer Program: “I Could Speak Spanish with Everybody!”

In July, senior Maria Cobos attended a summer program at Harvard University. 

Cobos participated in the Harvard Pre-College Program for two weeks. Classes were taught daily for three hours by the university’s faculty. 

With over 30 offered courses, she had a variety to choose from.

“I was thinking about studying something science-related, or something political,” says Cobos. “I considered that the course ‘Democracy, Development, and Violence’ was applicable to Nicaragua’s current state, and tied into many of my interests.”

Regarding the classes themselves, she explains that “they explored why things happen within certain countries.” Given the political events in Nicaragua last year, she was interested in how political processes take place. “In the end, I chose this political science course because it was relevant to the life I was living.”

The program not only had an eclectic mix of course options, but it also had a diverse pool of students, with adolescents from over 73 countries. 

“The program was more diverse than I expected. I could speak Spanish with everybody! There were many Latinos,” claims Cobos. 

Cobos with peers from Pre-College Program

“Students were interested in other people’s cultures: you could tell that they really liked hearing about your country. They wanted to learn…and I wanted to know more about them,” she explains. “Differences were appreciated.”

She summarizes: “I met many interesting people that were worth knowing.” 

Other than studying course content and meeting people, Cobos became comfortable with the independence of college life.

“This program gave me a sense of how I have to balance out the aspects of life and college, particularly, how I have to manage time well,” claims Cobos. “The workload was very heavy, and I had to learn to deal with it.” 

In sum, this program provided Cobos with many-sided benefits that helped her prepare for college.

She recommends this program to high schoolers. It will allow students to become self-reliant, and to confirm whether they enjoy studying a particular field.

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