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First Week of 2019-2020 ANS School Year

On Wednesday, August 14, the American Nicaraguan School once again brimmed with life and energy as its students returned for the first week of the 2019-2020 school year.

A Meet and Greet event had been held the day before to provide students with the opportunity to reunite with friends, meet new staff members of the ANS family, preview their classes and get reaccustomed to student life. There was an amazing turn-out, and the energy was fantastic! Students were excited for the upcoming school year.

Some Class of 2020 seniors

Many family members and Student Council representatives of the senior Class of 2020 also prepared and decorated for the first day of the school year, making it very memorable.

New and returning students, entered the campus on Wednesday to an exciting campus, ready to begin a fruitful year of growth and learning. 

The senior Class of 2020 also arrived—with great style! They entered school grounds with an elaborate and well-decorated multi-car parade, dressed impeccably in their class color pink, welcomed by a crowd of family members, students and school staff. They also paraded the hallways, and as they cheered, proceeded to celebrate their last first day of high school. 

On the first day, an assembly was held to welcome all students to the 2019-2020 school year. Mrs. Kruger, our new Secondary principal, and Dr. Mancuso, our new Director-General, gave inspiring and eloquent speeches wishing the community the best year possible, and reminding all of the school’s mission and core values.

Seniors Regina Franco and Gabriel Vargas, were also chosen as senior class speakers in this assembly. The two spoke about the tremendous honor of being seniors and highlighted the school’s continued commitment towards growth and unity.

Some Class of 2020 seniors

Vargas mentioned that, “[The American Nicaraguan School] has played a huge role in shaping who we are, our passions, our values, essentially how we see the world that surrounds us. And we’ve become part of a tightly knit community where we continuously strive towards a better future of our own making. As we start the 2019-2020 school year we, the class of 2020, reach out to all of our secondary classmates to set forth a common goal: honor our school’s core values and become one united community.”

Franco added that, “These past two years, we’ve been faced with and lived through a crisis, an uncertainty that has threatened to break our hopes as a community. But in spite of all the turmoil, we managed to thrive together and make it to this point. Now, we must all work harder than ever to succeed in our future endeavors … We stand together this morning to celebrate a new school year. We’re here to signify the importance of working in unison to strengthen our school and work towards an increasingly brighter future for everyone who forms a part of it.” 

Indeed, as we have seen this week and in previous school years, the ANS community has only grown stronger in the face of adversity, whether it be personal loss or the country’s socio-political situation. Our unity and resilience has always shone forth. 

This week the ANS community also resumed its learning. From engaging in regular, honors and AP classes to practicing sports and participating in extracurriculars to starting college applications and Senior Capstone projects, both students and staff have been busy at work! 

This first week has been fantastic so far, and we look forward to even better weeks to come! We wish you all the best this year. Make sure to watch official videos released by the school about ANS Faculty Week and the first week of school here and here.

Also expect a lot of great content from our “Eye of the Tiger” writers to be published soon! Our Broadcasting team is also currently hard at work, and is set to release its first broadcast video of the year at the end of this month. 

Welcome back everybody!

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