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Edoardo Amador Leads the Charlie Brown Musical Production

On May 2nd, the ANS Drama Club presented a musical: Charlie Brown. This event was organized and conducted under the leadership Edoardo Amador, a junior student. Importantly, he revived the Drama Club after multiple years of it being relatively inactive.

The members of the secondary Drama Club started preparing for the musical in the beginning of this semester, after auditions were held in mid-January. The cast practiced three times a week, for extensive three hour rehearsals. Practice only intensified as the performance date approached.

Still, the director (Edoardo Amador) began preparing for the spectacle since August, 2018. The young leader claims that he would sit by the piano for hours, examining harmonies.

“It was my first time directing a musical… so I did not rest for months,” explained Amador. “I had the choreographies and songs prepared by the time the auditions started in January this year.”

Indeed, Amador and his team worked exhaustively to produce the musical.

“This was entirely student-led: the coordination, directing, choreography, acting, etc,” he emphasized.

Not only did the Drama Club manage to produce an impressive outcome, but it created a strong bond among the group members.

“I wanted to create a bond between the drama team, but I focused on the logistics too much,” expressed a concerned Amador. “But the group bond happened organically… even today, the members are very united.”

Next year, Amador is looking forward to implementing a yearlong Drama class, taught by himself. The course will include different units: a presentation unit, voice (diction, language, syntax), monologue, musical theater, scenes, and directing, among others.

The class will help prepare for a Theater Festival that we hope to conduct in the Fall. Also, we plan to also conduct a student-written and organized pay, hopefully in conjunction with other schools,” clarified Amador.

Additionally, he expressed interest in bringing his team to AASCA Drama next school year.

“I just want to provide ANS students with opportunities to engage in their passion, art, just as the school’s athletes can.”

Susan Castellon as Lucy Van Pelt

Below is a list of those involved in the Charlie Brown musical production at the American Nicaraguan School.


Isabella Deshon: Charlie Brown

Ana Carolina Bendaña: Sally Brown

Susan Castellon: Lucy Van Pelt

Camila Fariñas: Schroeder

Sam Swinehart: Linus Van Pelt

Nicole Guzman: Snoopy

Gabriel Vargas: Blanket, Linus and Charlie Swing


Advisor: Marcela Morales

Director: Edoardo Amador


Head of Crew: Sofia Cheng

Crew: Valeska Navarrete

Crew: Nicole Metz

Crew: Danna Kim

Crew: Cesar Castellon


Co-Vocal Director, Stage Manager: Rachel Goldberg

Co-Choreographer: Donna Nesselroth

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