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ANS Exhibition Takes Place Under the Leadership of New Art Teacher: Mr. Blanco

On Wednesday, May 29th, an art exposition took place in the secondary Tiger Square. Numerous pieces of artwork were displayed; they were made by ANS secondary students, ranging from Art I students to AP Studio Art students.

A central part of this year’s exhibition was the influence of Ancient Egyptian culture. 

“This year I altered the curriculum”  said Mr. Esteban Blanco, the high school art teacher, who joined the ANS community this year. “The last unit of Art I is the history of art, so the idea was to emulate art from ancient civilizations…students were interested in Egyptian artwork.”

Additionally, the exhibition included numerous sculptures, which prompted the viewer to reflect on a controversial topic.

“For Art II, one of the last units involved the collection of recycled materials, that they ether found at home or in the classroom,” explained Blanco. “The objective was not necessarily to create an aesthetic piece, but to create one that conveys a message”

Topics illustrated in the artwork ranged from drug consumption to the dangers of plastic surgery.

Mr. Blanco, secondary art teacher

Students thoroughly enjoyed creating these innovative pieces, and many are excited for next year’s art courses. Future senior, Cinthia Campos, part of the class of 2020, is looking forward to taking AP Studio Art with Mr. Blanco. She has taken the necessary steps to joining this course, including Art I and Art II, and even some additional classes, such as architecture, and contemporary art.

I always knew I wanted to look into graphic design as a career; I want to apply the arts to my job in the future” said Campos. “When starting taking architectural design this year, I thought to myself: ‘this is my opportunity,’ because the class was a door to see how the career works. This served to make me realize whether I really wanted to go beyond what I had learned during the semester, or whether my interest is limited.”

Campos clarified: “I concluded that I loved graphic design. And that it is difficult, but loving your career is worth it.”

She also emphasized how much Mr. Blanco encouraged her to pursue her interests: “Every time I thought I wasn’t capable of creating something, he was there for me: he supported me to create, and showed me that I could make everything I imagined.”

Indeed, ANS is increasingly cultivating a culture that appreciates the arts, by creating a spotlight for creative expression, such as this exposition.

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