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Poetry Competition Winners Announced

On April 25th, the poetry competition winners of secondary school were announced in the Ossi Room.

The following chart depicts the winners of first and second place, as well as honorable mention, for each grade level of secondary school:

Grade 1st Place 2nd Place Honorable Mention
6th Grade Marcela Coronel Maren Emerton Renee Rovin
7th Grade Lily Stephens Manuel Gonzalez Jose Jorge Mojica
8th Grade Mariana Lanuza  Valeska Navarrete Mariana Gonzalez
9th Grade Grace Oh Caroline Ketelhohn Mariana Delgado
10th Grade Dominique Chamorro Sarria Nicole Metz Yoon Gi Park
11th Grade Andres Esteban Bendaña Navarrete Juan Pablo Molina Rivas Andrea Farach
12th Grade Jasmine Odongo  Chantal Alejandra Martinez Chamorro Arnold Jesus Gutierrez Ubeda & Pablo Lacayo

Jasmine Odongo was awarded first place for high school as a whole, meanwhile Mariana Lanuza won first place for middle school.

Mariana Lanuza (8th grade) and Jasmine Odongo (12th grade)

The ceremony was hosted by Avis Corea, the winner of last year’s poetry competition; she handed out the awards and recited her winning poem as well. 

“I’m happy that ANS is a well-rounded school that values difference courses of study, holding events for numerous subjects, ranging from poetry to science” remarks junior Andrea Farach. “The school definitely provides opportunities for students to cultivate different interests.”

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