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Senior Corner: Martina Rosales

As part of a special feature that we would like to continue in the future, we have launched ‘Senior Corner’ articles! These will feature small interviews with some of the exceptional seniors of each graduating class of ANS. Since they are twelfth graders, they are asked twelve questions! For this issue, we were happy to be able to interview Martina Rosales.


Martina Rosales, ANS senior

What is your name and how long have you been at ANS?

  • I am Martina Rosales and I have been at ANS for 15 years!

What are three words you would use to describe yourself?

  • I am not sure, but three words that I could probably use to describe myself would be: passionate, committed and honest.

What are some of your hobbies?

  • I spend a lot of my free time watching movies, especially thrillers since that is my favorite movie genre. I also like music a lot; not just listening to it, but also making it. I really enjoy playing instruments, especially the piano, which I have been playing for around…ten years now, I think? Another thing I really like reading, and I am currently reading the One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest by Ken Kesey!

What are your potential study or work plans for the future?

  • I would like to go to university in the U.S. and double-major in psychology and economics.

How was your college application experience?

  • Frustrating. Well, mostly at myself. I just felt that I didn’t give my best effort in everything I did throughout the application process. I felt that there were some things I could have done better or with more effort. I had so many resources and so many things available to me, but I don’t think I appreciated them and took full advantage. One thing I wished I could have done better was studying for the SAT, doing better for it, and fully using my tutors.

How has ANS prepared you for college?

  • ANS has prepared me so much for college! Something that I have especially loved would be the Wellness Programs that the school has been giving us. I think they’re so helpful and they have really made a positive impact on my life! They focus on teaching us about different topics that are very relevant. They teach us about threats in society, about staying safe and also about the attitudes that we should adopt against problems. I also feel really grateful towards our counselors, since they have really helped prepare us, the seniors, for college, and have always been there to help us, always there to check up on us.

Did you take any standardized tests? If so, what did you take, how did you study and what would you recommend?

  • I took both the SAT and the ACT. I had tutors and also used an online preparation service to study for the ACT called ACT Online Prep (*). I preferred the ACT not only because I felt that it was more straightforward and easier to prepare for, but also because the test is taken electronically with a computer and they are graded very quickly. I feel ACT is better to understand, and doesn’t try to confuse you like the SAT.
    • * (Author Note) You can find more information about this service at . This valuable tool can be helpful for practicing for the ACT since it was created by the makers of this standardized test!

Have you had any college interviews? If so, how did they work and what advice would you give for them?

  • No.

What has been your best memory of ANS? What has been your worst?

  • My best memory would be the first day of senior year. Being a senior was great, and I really loved the parade that we had. It was all just wonderful and incredibly exciting, and it made being a senior feel much more real. My worst memory would be when there was police presence in the school because there was a potential school shooting threat. It was a scary time, and I really didn’t like it.

If you could redo or re-experience any school year, which one would it be?

  • I would re-experience sophomore year because I feel that it was a good time for me. I was constantly being challenged by teachers and learning a lot, but I was also happy. I wasn’t feeling very stressed or overwhelmed; there was a good balance. There was also no crisis in the country yet.

What is one piece of advice you would give to future seniors?

  • My advice to the future seniors would be to take advantage of the tools you have and the people around you. You have so many resources to help you with school, you have access to so many things. As I said before, I regretted that I didn’t take advantage of some of the things I had, so I’d tell the seniors to fully use what they have. Also, I’d tell them to be realistic about college choices. Look at your stats, at what you are looking for and at other things, and make sure you make good decisions. Don’t underestimate or overestimate yourself.

What will you miss from Nicaragua?

  • I think I will mainly miss the people and the culture. I’ll obviously miss my family and my friends. I’ll miss my home and the customs of Nicaragua. Overall, I’ll just miss the overall environment, the lack of pressure that I have right now.

We thank Martina for her time with us, and wish her all the best going forward!

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