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Senior Corner: Lorenzo Gutiérrez

As part of a special feature that we would like to continue in the future, we have launched ‘Senior Corner’ articles! These will feature small interviews with some of the exceptional seniors of each graduating class of ANS. Since they are twelfth graders, they are asked twelve questions! As the first senior featured for class of 2019, we were happy to be able to interview Lorenzo Gutiérrez.


Lorenzo Gutiérrez, ANS senior

(Photo Credit: Martina Rosales)

What is your name and how long have you been at ANS?

  • My name is Lorenzo Gutiérrez and I have been at ANS for 13 … no, 14? I don’t know … wait! Let’s just say 14 years.

What are three words you would use to describe yourself?

  • The three words would be: empathetic, outgoing and understanding.

What are some of your hobbies?

  • I really enjoy doing sports. I like them and do a lot of them, like boxing, racquetball and volleyball. I used to be in the school’s boys varsity team for volleyball too. Now, though, the sports are just hobbies to me and I just do them because I like them. For example, I go boxing every day.

What are your potential study or work plans for the future?

  • I would like to study business management in either Loyola University or IE University in Spain. Those are my two top choices right now.

How was your college application experience?

  • It was tough because I procrastinated a lot, but I was able to manage the workload by focusing myself, being disciplined and managing everything. I was able to pull through with my hard work and commitment. In the end, everything was good.

How has ANS prepared you for college?

  • It has helped me because it has given me a lot of freedom to do a lot of things I like and am interested in. It has given me a sense of independence because I have been able to make so many choices. Also, the grading system that they have here really creates responsibility, allows you to hold yourself more accountable. It’s fair and it pushes you to work hard, which prepares you for college.

Did you take any standardized tests? If so, what did you take, how did you study and what would you recommend?

  • I took both the SAT and the ACT to try them out, and I would one hundred percent recommend the SAT! I really, really hated the ACT, especially because of its science section. I didn’t like that, and the ACT also just felt longer and more confusing. The SAT seemed much more straightforward, and since I’d already taken the PSAT before I took the SAT, the format of the test was similar and made it seem more familiar. To prepare for the SAT, I studied at a tutoring center, but I also did some reviewing on my own with Khan Academy.

Have you had any college interviews? If so, how did they work and what advice would you give for them?

  • Yes, I had an interview with IE University via Skype, and I think it went well. Just relax and don’t stress about it when it comes to college interviews.

What has been your best memory of ANS? What has been your worst?

  • Does it only have to be one best memory? To me, every lunch with my friends is a best memory, so I basically have them every day. My worst memory would probably be thinking about leaving ANS.

If you could redo or re-experience any school year, which one would it be?

  • I would want to re-experience senior year because it is your last year in high school, and I think it’s also the most important. You won’t ever be able to copy the bond you form with your classmates in senior year. It is one of a kind. In senior year, everything is just more special and more memorable, especially since you know that it might be the last time you’ll ever get to do it. Although you have limits, of course, you also have a lot more freedom in senior year since you are older, so it would be nice to re-enjoy all of that.

What is one piece of advice you would give to future seniors?

  • The advice I would give to rising seniors would be to cherish every memory. Of course, it is important that they don’t procrastinate and do their best with their college applications, but I would advise them to most importantly enjoy their senior year. Enjoy every moment because you don’t know if it’s the last time you will be able to do something or be with somebody, or at least for a very long time. Remember: you can only be a senior once.

What will you miss from Nicaragua?

  • Everything.

We thank Lorenzo for his time with us, and wish him all the best going forward!

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