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ANS Launches Student-Led Broadcast

The journalism team of ANS has initiated an online broadcast, intended to inform the ANS community of the events happening in the school. Students Wei-Ting Shih and Elinor Ketelhohn organized the program. Inhyuk Seo and Cinthia Campos are responsible for technology. Ji Su Kim and Allan Cerna are anchors. 

Today, the March edition of the broadcast was released! It was received with positive remarks by the school staff and students.

“We have been trying to launch this project for two years, and finally, this year it happened” remarks teacher Lisa Lippay. “It is student-driven, which shows the motivation and talent of the journalism team.”

Continuously, the team will produce monthly editions of the broadcast. Hence, this project is long-term. It consists of several segments discussing diverse topics, ranging breaking school news, to sports events, to featured articles on the Eye of the Tiger newspaper. Additionally, it contains interviews, lead by Allan Cerna, including the “Senior Capstone Corner.” Interestingly, it even incorporates an “ANS Trivia” section.

Anchors Elinor Ketelhohn and Ji Su Kim

“It’s an engaging and entertaining way to learn about our school. I’m excited to see the April broadcast!” says viewer, Cinthia Campos. 

If you haven’t seen the March edition yet, make sure you check it out!

Look forward to the upcoming edition of the Eye of the Tiger Broadcast!

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