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TEDxYouth Event at ANS

The American Nicaraguan School held its first fully student organized TEDxYouth event on Friday 29th of March, 2019, with the theme “Reboot” . The event was held in the Ossi Room from 8:00am to 12:00pm, but the team was at school since 7:00am to help finish up the stage and organize all the details. This was also the fourth [email protected] event the school has had since it first started in 2016.

The TEDx team had been preparing since the beginning of the school year leading up to the official date to ensure the best experience. The speaker coaches worked enthusiastically to guide the speakers through the process of choosing their topic and creating their scripts. In addition to this, the staff worked meticulously to design and plan the theme, logo, stage, and all the details and aspects of the event and its technicalities.

Susan Castellón, who worked as part of the staff leading up to the event, shared how she felt after the event, “I was super happy and surprised to see that this was the year with the least technical difficulties. Overall, all of the event was amazing!”

It opened up with an introductory TEDx video and opening remarks from the Masters of Ceremony. This was followed by Pablo Lacayo with his talk, “Putting the ‘I’ in Politics,” where he discussed the importance and impact of personal involvement in politics as a youth and being up to date with global and local policies.

Later, Veronica Lanuza followed with her talk, “Cleansing the Habits of Our Generation,” where she shared her father’s story undergoing heart surgery and highlighted the negative effects our dietary habits can have on our future.

The last student talk before the break was Regina Franco’s “Crash Course on Coping With Emotional Distress,” where she outlined a healthy approach to dealing with stressful emotions and shared her personal experience with coping.

After the break, Anastasio Ortiz followed with, “Tracking the Principles of Privilege,” where he reflected on his own privilege in the society he lives in, and encouraged the audience to take advantage of their privilege and use it for the better.

Finally, Andrea Farach closed with her talk, “Three Strides Away From the Mind of a Champion,” where she opened-up about her journey of personal growth and showed how improved herself on a personal, academic, and athletic level. When it was finalised, the audience was left with closing words by event coordinator, María Cobos.

Throughout the ceremony, the audience had the chance to listen to other TED talks and participate in two Breakthrough Sessions, which enabled them to reflect on their personal values and privilege in accordance to the previous talks they listened to.

Ji Su Kim, an ANS student who had previously worked as staff but attended as an audience member this year, spoke about her feelings toward the event and the impact it had on her. She says, “I consider it among the best TEDxYouth at ANS events that I’ve been to… I think the topics were great, I could relate to them as a student and as a person of this [adolescent] age range. I feel that, overall, this year the event allowed me to reflect on my life and set goals for my future.”

Thank you to all the staff members, coaches, speakers, and audience members who made this all possible to accomplish!


Speaker Coaches and Staff: Maria Cobos, Elinor Ketelhohn, Carlos Marín, Alexandra Gomez

Speakers: Andrea Farach, Regina Franco, Pablo Lacayo, Veronica Lanuza, Anastasio Ortiz

Staff: Sofia Argeñal, Ana Carolina Bendaña, Ana Gabriela Bendaña, Nicole Bendaña Guzman, Cinthia Campos, Susan Castellón, Allan Cerna, Isabella Cerna, Dominique Chamorro, Maria Alejandra Delgadillo, Isabela Deshon, Josie Ann Duran, Maria Fernanda Icaza, Faynette Herndon, Daniella Lacayo, Alexa Mierisch, Jasmine Odongo, Maria Fernanda Pertz, Ana Rizo, Wei-Ting Shih


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