AASCA Girls Volleyball Team Prepare for Success

The AASCA Volleyball tournament, which features many outstanding participating schools from all across Central America, is to be held from Wednesday, April 3 to Sunday, April 7. The tournament will be hosted by the Escuela Internacional Sampedrana (EIS) in Honduras.

Our AASCA varsity girls volleyball team will be representing the school in this tournament, having worked arduously for months to further strengthen their skills and their teamwork. Our team is composed of: captain and senior Alicia Pereira (setter), senior Anamari Alemán (opposite hitter), senior Sofía Argeñal (reserve setter), junior María Cobos (setter), senior Xaviera Cuadra (outside hitter), senior Josie Ann Duran (outside hitter), freshman Juliana Osorio (outside hitter), sophomore Melida Lacayo (center), sophomore Veronica Lanuza (center), sophomore Dominique Chamorro (center), junior María Fernanda Pertz (libero) and senior Melissa Maltes (libero).

Alicia Pereira (C) – Pasadora

Anamari Alemán – Opposite

Sofia Argeñal – Reserve Setter

Maria Cobos – Setter

Xaviera Cuadra – Jugadora cuatro

Josie Ann Duran – Outside

Juliana Osorio – Outside

Melida Lacayo – Centro

Veronica Lanuza – Centro

Dominique Chamorro – Centro

Maria Fernanda Pertz (L) – Libero

Melissa Maltes (L) – Libero













The girls have been practicing since September of last year, putting in numerous hours of sweat and hard work into performing well this AASCA tournament. Their training only intensified in the months leading up to the competition, seeing as they have been practicing two hours daily starting from January in addition to coming to school Saturday mornings.

Not to mention, the girls have had multiple practice games not only against teams from other secondary schools in Nicaragua, but also with highly-skilled athletes like the U-19 and U-23 national girls volleyball teams, which represent the country in prestigious international competitions. The girls have even won some of these matches, and have done outstandingly well overall, even placing very high in national tournaments they have participated in over the past few months.  

While there have been certain challenges on their road to AASCA, the girls affirm that they feel more prepared than ever to tackle what is to come, and are more determined than ever to bring victory to ANS. While the preparation has been demanding, they believe that

“Our objectives for AASCA are to play from the depths of our heart and to reach our maximum potential,” says Alicia Pereira, ANS senior, captain and setter. “We hope that this will allow us to succeed, to win matches and to win medals”

Josie Ann Duran, senior and outside hitter, also wishes this, stating that “[the team has] good chances of winning something and bringing pride to ANS! We are a very good team this year, and our hard work, motivation and dedication have only made us stronger.”

“This is my first AASCA!” Dominique Chamorro, ANS sophomore and center, adds. “When I first came and joined the team, I was a little nervous, but I was more excited than anything, especially now that we are almost going to compete. I have loved trying out this new discipline, and I have loved it even more because of the people I am going with! We are here to win.”

Sofía Argeñal, ANS senior and reserve setter, confirms the deep bond shared by the team mentioned by Chamorro, stating that “this is the most united team I have seen in my years of being in varsity volleyball. I am very proud of everyone, and I truly believe that by staying united we will be successful.”

We wish our girls all the best in the tournament! We are already proud of you. There is no doubt in everyone’s minds that their hard work and perseverance will greatly pay off.

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