First DALE Practice Held at ANS

On Wednesday, March 27, the Debates Academicos de Lideres Estudiantes (DALE) program had their first official practice, open to all secondary students from seventh to twelfth grade, at the American Nicaraguan School.

The event was held mainly in the high school area, and started at 3:00 p.m., although all of the DALE staff and Board of Directors had already been there to set up and prepare beforehand. The practice was a great success! More than 80 students were in attendance from a variety of schools from across the country, all coming enthusiastically to hone their skills, learn new things, connect with people and try out DALE.

Sergio Quiñónez, academic advisor for the program, commented that he was extremely pleased by the significant turnout of the practice.

“Most people did not expect many to come today, as has sometimes been the case in the past, especially to a first practice,” he commented. “However, our staff and our Board of Directors worked incredibly hard to promote and organize this practice, and it evidently paid off. We proved people wrong!”

In this practice, attendees had the opportunity to meet their potential committee chairs, learn parliamentary procedure and have mock debates using their assigned topics. For those interested in English and Spanish general committees, the topics were finding solutions to poverty and finding solutions to drug trafficking, debated in their respective languages. For those interested in cabinets, the two options were cabinet of Barack Obama or cabinet Juan Manuel Santos. For those interested in court, the mock case was that of James Judge v. Ecuador.

As confirmed by feedback sessions held by the DALE staff, the response was overwhelmingly positive, with people affirming that they liked everything — from their chairs to the explanations to the refrigerio itself. Certainly, there was room for improvement, but delegates expressed that attending the DALE practice helped them a lot.

“I came in not very certain of whether or not I would want to participate in DALE or debate,” Camila Fariñas, current ANS sophomore, stated about her experience, “but now, after this practice, I am coming out sure that I will be.”

Not to mention, the staff themselves also enjoyed meeting their delegates!

“I thought it was exciting experience, and I loved seeing all the delegates, both mine and those of other committees!” said Regina Franco, current ANS junior and co-chair of the UN Security Council. “I was so happy to see everyone so engaged and interested, always asking questions. It was really cool and helpful. In our practice for English general committees, we debated the topic of poverty in Latin America, and focused quite heavily on reviewing parliamentary procedure.”

DALE Nicaragua will be held for two days, from October 11 to 12. You can check out the website for more information! https://www.dale-nicaragua.com/

You can also check out their social media! Their Instagram can be found here: https://www.instagram.com/dale.nicaragua/ , while their Facebook can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/DALENicaragua/

The next DALE practice will be held once again at our school on Wednesday, April 10 from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m.! We hope that you will attend this practice, register for the conference and have an incredible experience!

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