Results of the 2019 ANS Science Fair

Secondary students of ANS participated in the 2019 Science Fair, under the motto: “sustainability.” It was held over the course of two days, from March 14th to March 15th.

“This year, we focused on creating a sustainable future. We wanted to motivate students to think about 21st century challenges” said Mr. Vince, secondary high school teacher. “I noticed that the students worked enthusiastically…. they had very creative projects.”

After the evaluation of the panel of judges, the following winners were selected:

Middle School
Rank Project Students
1st Place Generation and Producing Growth from Reusable Scraps Daniela Álvarez and Estefanía Román
2nd Place Pellets Mauricio Largaespada
3rd Place Oil Spill Cleaner Felipe Mendieta, Rodrigo Mora, Harry Downing
Honorable Mention Vertical Garden Lilly Halleslevens, Yirhim Kim
Honorable Mention Ecobricks Rami Khatib, Diego Zúñiga, Marcelo Fariñas


High School
Rank Project Students
1st Place Testing Used Oils for the Production of Biodiesel Utilizing Low-Cost Bioreactor Model Nydia del Carmen
2nd Place Biodegradable Plastic Produced from Agar Agar, Cornstarch, and Gelatin Elinor Ketelhöhn, Regina Franco, Maria Alejandra Morales
3rd Place Affordable Solar Panels Andrea Sacasa. Mariano Solórzano, Fátima Martínez
Honorable Mention Eggshells as Fertilizer Gi Ah Lee, Mariana Chamorro, Arthur Grier
Honorable Mention Organic Fertilizer Accelerator Marcelo de los Santos, Edoardo Amador, Gabriel Vargas


Nydia del Carmen

Daniela Álvarez and Estefanía Román

Elinor Ketelhöhn, Maria Alejandra Morales, Regina Franco

Felipe Mendieta, Harry Downing, Rodrigo Mora

“It was very interesting to see all the finalist projects,” said Regina Franco, an ANS Junior. “I was amazed by the diversity of all the projects, across all grade levels.”

Congratulations to all winners and participants!

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