Basketball Ticket Insurance

Fansure is a start-up based in Belmont, California. The company promises to insure your NBA basketball tickets, so if your favorite player does not make an appearance, you get your money back. All you have to do is purchase your ticket as you normally do and then 48 hours before the game, you pay Fansure the added percentage. The amount you pay depends on the likelihood of your selected player to make an appearance. This means that if your selected player rarely misses a game you would pay about $30 to cover a $400 ticket. However, if it’s obvious that the player regularly does not play, Fansure will refuse to cover your ticket. As of now, the company only insures NBA tickets.

Since its founding, the company has insured fewer than 50 tickets without having to make a single payout. They have been able to do this by having experts calculate the likelihood of the selected player appearing based on statistics from the NBA.

In the upcoming months, the company plans to launch a system that can do the calculating for them in order to speed up the process. It also plans to offer protection for tickets to American football, baseball, and soccer games. Furthermore, the company has stated that they would look into cases where a player only makes a short appearance, giving a partial refund.

With a system like this, parents could afford to take their kids to another game soon, ensuring they have a chance at watching their idol play.

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