Tigers Earn 18 Medals in AASCA Swimming

Last week, the AASCA Swimming Tournament was held in Guatemala from March 13th to March 17th. Students from international schools competed for races which included free stroke, butterfly, relay, and backstroke.

The ANS team brought home an impressive 18 medals, the Middle School Sportsmanship Award, and the coveted trophy for the AASCA Swimming Middle School Boys champions!

The Middle School male team wins 1st place.

Swimmers representing our proud school were: Marielisa Castillo (Gold & 3 Bronze), Alexander Bell (Gold, 2 Silver, 2 Bronze), Erick Lagos (5 Silver), Camila Gutierrez (Silver), Luigi Bertolotto (Silver), Orlando Arguello (Silver), Sebastián Zambrano (Silver), Mariana Lanuza, and Edoardo Amador. Our coach is Andrei Kulyk.

The entire ANS community is thankful and proud for the team’s dedication to their intense training!

Congratulations to the ANS Swimming Team! Go Tigers!

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