ANS Heads to HACIA Democracy

This year 17 ANS delegates will be traveling to the capital of the Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo to participate in the XXV Conference for HACIA Democracy. Five members of the senior class will take part in this conference. We met up with one of them, Juan Ignacio Ortiz, to learn more.


Are you excited for the opportunity to attend your first HACIA Democracy?

Definitely! I am looking forward to being challenged by fellow delegates from around the world.


What committee will you be on and what is the topic?

I will be in the Meeting of Consulation of Ministers of Foreign Affairs. We will be discussing China’s One Belt One Road Initiative and its effect on the Latin American region.


Is this your first debate conference?

If you count DALE, then this will be my second debate conference.


How well did you do in DALE?

I actually won Best Delegate in my committee (UN Security Council).


What are your expectations for HACIA Democracy?

To be in between the top 4 of my committee which would guarantee an award.


Thank you for your time and best of luck!


HACIA Democracy is sponsored by Harvard University whose primary goal is to provide students with an opportunity to debate and practice democracy through different forums. HACIA allows its members to develop their public speaking abilities and their knowledge about various global issues. Participants get together in a city in the Americas in order to hold the annual HACIA Democracy summit.

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