Secondary Students Prepare for the Science Fair

The 2019 ANS Science Fair is around the corner and students are developing incredible experiments!

Secondary students have been working during the last five months on the upcoming Science Fair, which will be held on March 14th and 15th. 

They have been working on innovative projects, in order to tackle this year’s topic: sustainability.

This year, teachers are expecting more excellence from the ANS students. This is affirmed by Science Department Head Dr. Martin Casco, who talked about his expectations for this upcoming Science Fair compared to the previous ones.

“The biggest and the most important expectation is that students use statistics and math to reach unbiased conclusions,” he said. Moreover, he argued that students should be analyze and interpret data to reach solid conclusions. 

Dr. Casco, Head of the Science Department

As said before, for the past months students have been working on diverse and unique experiments. Dr. Casco also talked about some of the experiments his tenth grade students have been working on. “Right now tenth grade is working on sustainability for future applications. There are students that are working on hydroponics or different agricultural techniques. Also, they are working with repellents that are more cost-effective for low income families. They are also looking into different types of farming techniques for agriculture. For example there is one group that is looking into using waste material from fish as a nutrient; they are looking at it as something useful for plant growth.”

Adding to that, ANS will be participating in AASCA Science Fair this month in El Salvador. The Science Department has been working really hard to make this possible. 

“Nicaragua needs more scientists and engineers. AASCA Science is an opportunity for students at ANS to participate and to show the skills they have, both in math and science. It is the first time we will be having one student represent ANS,” said Dr. Casco.

Nydia del Carmen, a ninth grade student was the one selected to represent our school at this year’s AASCA Science. Del Carmen has been working on biodiesels and how to obtain organic matter, transforming it to biodiesel.

The winners of ANS’ Science Fair will be announced on March 15th. We look forward to seeing the experiment presentations. Good luck students!

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