ANS Celebrates the Jornada Dariana

On Friday, February 15th, the American Nicaraguan School celebrated the Jornada Dariana with an act, composed of a series of presentations performed by students.

It started out by having the Seniors sing along “Del Tropico” with Juan Solorzano. Following their amazing presentation, 9th grade student Nydia del Carmen sang a beautiful song to the audience. Some seventh grade students then performed a dance called “La Mora”. They wore typical Nicaraguan outfits. Additionally, Valeska Navarrete surprised the whole audience when she sang “Nicaragua, Nicaraguita” along with Mr. Spiro and Juan Solorzano. The Jornada Dariana ended with an 11th grade student, Elinor Ketelhohn, singing an anthem to Darío.

Juan Solorzano, a Nicaraguan singer, attended the Jornada Dariana. Alongside the Seniors, he sang a poem by Ruben Dario, “El Tropico”. As a charismatic and cheerful singer, Solorzano encouraged senior students to sing along with him “Nicaragua, Nicaraguita”, an emblematic song for the Nicaraguan culture. Overall, his appearance at the show was very symbolic and entertaining as it gave a different vibe to the usual Jornada Dariana show. 

The event perfectly portrayed how students at ANS admire and appreciate the founder of modernism, Ruben Dario. As he once said, “No dejes apagar el entusiasmo, virtud tan valiosa como necesaria; trabaja, aspira, tiende siempre hacia la altura.”

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