School Culture: Student Life at Lincoln International Academy

The personality of a school is something that outsiders to said institution will never fully understand. It is subjective to every single student’s experiences — and even I myself, having studied at Lincoln International Academy for twelve years, cannot fully capture my school’s essence in simple words. If anything, I would define its culture as being made up of a bunch of little details that paint a colorful canvas — one of passion, unity, and an albeit understated silliness.

I still remember how an excited left my lips as a result of an adrenaline rush last week— “Go griffins!”, I shouted, as I watched my fellow purple house members compete in the rally contests. Once more, we had scored a win, and the entirety of my team roared with applause and cheers to further encourage purple victories. Sitting on that bench, I felt a sense of belonging that I longed for years within my school community. Today, I am grateful that many Lincoln students to come will share this same experience — and be able to find a family, whether it be with the purple, blue, green, or yellow house. This ingenious way to foster unity amongst students is only one of the many ways in which Lincoln brings people of all ages together. It is a part of our culture — part of our school spirit, which I can proudly say is very high through our halls.

Yet another part of that academy spirit comes from our relationships with our teachers. Whether it be sending stickers in class group chats, or having a meme wall in their classes, it is undoubted that teachers at Lincoln walk the line between relatability and professionalism very well. Any alumni will tell you how strong our bonds with teachers are — and yet, students are still able to respect them, and maintain harmonious classrooms.

Another thing Lincoln students share? A ferocious love for The Station’s churros. It is a strange phenomenon to witness — every year, we have multiple initiation ceremonies for our many available honor societies. Every year, the free churros are the first to go.

“Are there any left?” I heard a friend exclaiming just this past Monday, during the NHS initiation ceremony reception. Knowing they’d be scarce, I have to shamefully admit I hoarded one too many churros, so I found myself passing along a bit of our perhaps silly culture to a friend in need.

Churros, after all, are an obvious human necessity.

Our passion for those empty calories do not compare, however, to the competitive spirit we are overcome with in Mr. Badilla’s classes. Mr. Alejandro Badilla is a part of the theology department, and he is widely known for giving away different sweets as awards for particularly difficult correct answers. Believe me when I say that people are fierce when it comes to these occasions — the amount of arguments I’ve heard over who said the prophets of the old testament first is humorous.

I will never be able to put into words every last thing that makes up our culture. In years to come, as an alumni, I am sure I will miss many new things that keep being added to it on a nearly daily basis. New traditions, new games, new customs that build up over time, and create the beautiful mosaic that I step into every weekday. I will definitely miss fighting over the last churro, getting that tipitin for knowing what mass was about on Sunday, and knowing I have my purple griffins to rely on in pep rallies and games. I can only hope that the culture at Lincoln only grows, and becomes heaps more vivid than it already is. Because if there’s one thing I love about my school, it definitely is all of the intricate culture that comes with being a Lincoln hawk.

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