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From January 23rd to January 26th, nine students represented the American Nicaraguan School in AASCA Music 2019, under the leadership of Mr. Spiro. The event was hosted by the American School of Tegucigalpa (AST), in Honduras, with the purpose of uniting international schools and promoting enhanced learning.

For three days, the students trained with professionals invited from the United States, and alongside delegations from across Central America. The training was extensive and rigorous, with practice beginning at 8:00 am, and ending as late as 7:00 pm.

“After this event, we definitely improved our sound” claimed Caroline Ketelhohn, an ANS band clarinetist.

The training was divided into three primary groups: band, choir, and percussion. The ANS delegation was comprised of eight band members, and one choir singer. Between the sessions, there were performances scheduled to allow soloists to demonstrate their vocal or instrumental abilities. Ji Wook Jung performed a solo on the Saxophone, and Elinor Ketelhohn delivered a solo vocal performance.

The following chart exhibits the students that performed in the band, and their roles.

Valeria Alfaro Clarinete Andrew Lopez Tenor Sax
Caroline Ketelhohn Clarinete Oscar Rodriguez Baritone Horn
Fatima Martinez Flute and Alto Sax Ji Wook Jung Alto Sax
Nikolaos Argyros Bass Clarinet Nestor Silva Trombone

As AASCA came to an end, a final showcase was delivered by the students. It was held in AST’s Performing Arts Center.

“We had never performed in such a big orchestra before,” remarked clarinet-player Valeria Alfaro. “Performing on such a stage was an honor, and an opportunity to gain experience and confidence.”

As well as developing professionally, students socialized with other delegations. Particularly, the ANS band bonded with itself.

Caroline Ketelhohn elaborated: “We had been in band together for two years before, but we had never been that close. Now, after AASCA, we are great friends. We’ve definitely bonded over a shared trip, and over a shared passion for music.”

Learn more about AASCA Music 2019 here.


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