Beating All Doubters

For the first time in history, the varsity soccer boys team was able to bring home the golden AASCA trophy. 2019 has been a great year for ANS varsity sports, since victory was finally achieved by the boys soccer team. Throughout my life as an ANS student, I have seen the school win medals in volleyball, track, and in swimming even (2 gold medals), but never have I seen a celebration as large and as exciting as the AASCA soccer triumph.

ANS has been trying to win AASCA soccer for a really long time, and they have had some great opportunities. They have attended the tournament with a really a strong team, and at several times have been in reach of the gold. However, they were never quite able to win. This was until this 2019 that the boys, against all odds, won the championship.

The ANS team endured a lot and sacrificed a lot for this honor. They trained at 5 AM in the morning, and they at times did not go out to be able to be well rested at practices. They placed their varsity soccer team as a priority, and now they are harvesting the sweet fruit of all that effort.

Many people (myself included) doubted the team. We all thought “they have lost with a stronger team, why would they win now?”. But they won, and they shut every mouth, mine included, when Gustavo Diaz scored that final penalty.

Seniors such as Guillermo Teran and Eduardo Alvarez have been a part of this team for as long as I can remember, and I am sure I speak for the whole ANS community when I say we could not be happier for them. Roberto Sandino, with his heart and determination was able to be a starter on the team, even when we all doubted. Diego Rappaccioli, even while withstanding a severe injury, put it all on the field on that game.

To all the seniors that played, and all of the other team members: we, the ANS community, could not be more proud of you.

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