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ANS Celebrates Chinese New Year

On Friday, February 8th, the American Nicaraguan School celebrated the Chinese New Year. Students under the leadership of Ms. Yun participated in the event: a fashion show exhibiting traditional and modern Chinese clothing, accompanied by traditional performances. Representatives from the Taiwanese embassy attended.

“This year we had a small Chinese class, so Laoshi decided to do something new and creative to compensate,” said student Isabella Deshon. “We came up with a fashion show; we’d display beautiful historic clothing, and we’d tie it into the folk story of how the Chinese New Year came about.”

The show opened with the AP Chinese students bearing royal attire from Imperial China. Pablo Lacayo wore an emperor’s robe. Next, more traditional clothing graced the catwalk, including folk qipao designs. Additionally, Isabella Deshon walked the runway in “flowerpot shoes,” originally from the Qing dynasty.

After ancient culture was displayed, the catwalk shifted its focus to the modern Chinese fashion industry.

Following the runway exhibitions, the renowned lion dance was performed. Two life-sized lion puppets were manipulated by two pairs of students.

“The dance took a lot of coordination and cooperation… it’s an extremely difficult artform” said Andrew López, a Chinese III student.

Representatives from the Taiwanese embassy attended the celebration, including the ambassador himself. They set up exhibition stations that showcased different aspects of Chinese culture, including calligraphy stations, where Chinese characters were illustrated, and crafting stations, where bamboo designs were hand-made.

“It was an honor that the embassy was there, so we could showcase our appreciation for Chinese culture” said Deshon. “We look forward to next year!”

To learn more about the background of behind the Lunar New Year, read Wei-Ting Shih’s article: “The History Behind the Chinese New Year.”

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