Thanksgiving Blues

Something that’s been on my mind a lot lately is how often we tend to forget about Thanksgiving. There’s this big windup to Halloween, one with spiders and mummies in department stores. Then, Halloween happens, and the very next day – it’s all elves and Christmas trees. There is no in between, not as far as consumerism sees it.
I hate this. Thanksgiving is a legitimate holiday, and there should be more time for turkeys and fall colors in stores than is granted. I mean, think of all the great things that come around Thanksgiving time – Food, giving thanks, food, meeting your family, food, helping others, and, oh yeah, more food. Even I, as a pescatarian, can enjoy this holiday, so it really bugs me how often it seems to be forgotten about.
Does this whole instant transition to Christmas right when October ends even bug anyone else that much? I mean, I have seen through the windows of places like Walmart on Halloween night, and I watch them put up those plastic Santas even while little kids run amok wearing Fortnite costumes, or whatever is the rage at the time. The whole thing leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Christmas has become such a large event that for many, it has lost the religious aspects, the getting together aspect, or even the ‘just don’t be a Scrooge’ aspect. So much money is made that, whether we like it or not, us ,shoppers are forced into singing ‘Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree’ at the mall even if we were there yesterday buying Halloween candy.
The end point of this whole rant, I suppose, is that Thanksgiving needs to be a more widely-celebrated thing. Have ‘Thanksgiving music’ (whatever that may be) to sing along to, look at giant inflatable turkeys decorating the ceiling of the mall with family or friends, and make it so there is more hype in general around the holiday. (Note that all of these activities involve spending time with other.) Because you know what? As far as the holiday is named, Thanksgiving, there doesn’t seem to be all that many people really giving thanks about it.

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