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What do you need to do to write something good? I don’t mean ‘good’ as in following a rubric, or adhering to a certain set of parameters, but ‘good’ as in making others want to read what you have written, making others want to read what other things you have written. There are a few steps to the program, and everyone does them their own way, and that’s why no two authors have the same writing style, and no two pieces on the same topic will be identical.

For me, I tend to look back on the past week or so and think about the things that have been grabbing my attention, or things I just keep thinking about, and write on those. They may not be particularly interesting, such as a piece on the types of vegetables local to Ukraine, or particularly current, like a piece on how in 1920 the washing machine was made, but they just need to be things that you find interesting, or things that have taken hold of you. This article here was only made because I wanted a place to put the ‘Get me pictures of Spiderman’ meme in it, because that has been on my mind all week long. It’s been hellish. So, step one: Find something that really catches your attention.

The second point (criteria? Step? I said no rubric in writing, so… ?) you need to meet is making a voice. Nobody is gonna want to read something written in a monotone style, or something that is too jumbled, or something that is too offensive. But at the same time, make sure your writing really represents what you are thinking, so it doesn’t sound too fake. Make a tone that sounds either personal or detached based on the type of piece you are writing (formal or informal), and then add your own twist. Italicize, bold, add fourth wall-breaking side notes, or add funny lines/images – what happens is solely up to you.

The final ‘step’ in writing is to make sure you like what you are writing about the whole way through. If you start on something that sounds interesting at the time, but a couple hours/days/weeks later it is boring, and you haven’t finished writing, know that unless you really have to get it done, just give up on it. Well, don’t give up, maybe just push it to the side, and take care of it later. Don’t write just because you feel like it is expected of you. Now, if you write because you are being paid to write, that’s a whole different story. But yeah, if you feel like you aren’t liking what you have written, or feel like the idea, the spark, behind what you have written, has burned out, don’t force yourself. You’ll begin to dislike not only that particular piece, but writing in general, and that is one of the worst things to happen to a writer.

So, find something that catches your eye, write in a way that others can enjoy, and make sure you don’t lose interest or take too long, it seems easy enough, right? Not really. These steps are my personal journey so-to-speak through writing anything, and nobody knows what will help you the most in writing something besides you, so the real best solution to writing something that others will enjoy is just to write. And write some more, and then keep writing. Eventually, someone will read what you have done, and enjoy it, and now you have a reason to keep writing. It will suck sometimes, and it will be great sometimes, but at least you will be writing. But in the meantime – get me those pictures of Spiderman!

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