15th of September

As the festivities begin, so do our classes related to the subject. This year, one of our writers was in Texas during this time of the year. We had the opportunity to ask people around the state what they know about the 15 de Septiembre celebration in Central America. These are their answers:


“ Simon Bolivar was a great symbol”

  • Daniela

pic2“ I don’t know anything”

  • Siddhant

“Well, the Central American revolution took place in 1821, on September 15. This day, all the Central American countries including Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and I think maybe even Mexico, gained their independence from each other, because before we were one big nation.”

  • Sylvia


“It’s the independence day in Nicaragua and other Central American countries from Mexico.”

  • Luis


“September 15th marks the independence of Nicaragua and the rest of the Central American countries”

  • Hernan


In case you are reading this and are also unaware of why this day is important here is a brief explanation. The Spanish began their colonial expansion in the 16th century. Conquistadors such as Hernán Cortés and Francisco Hernández de Córdoba lead expeditions into the Central American interior, establishing settlements along the way. However September 15th, 1821, three centuries later, marked a historic day for much of Central America. After almost three centuries of colonial rule, the five nations – Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica – accepted a plan drafted by the Mexican Agustin de Iturbide and gained their independence from Spain.


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