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How do you learn to do something new? Do you take a course? Learn from a family member? Or do you use YouTube? If you answered the latter, you would be among the 51% of the population who use YouTube to learn.


According to a 2018 Pew Research Center survey of U.S. adults, out of 4,594 surveyed, 51% use YouTube when they want to to learn something new. The study also concluded that YouTube proved to be important for irregular users. This means, according to the study, that 35% of all U.S. adults use YouTube for educational purposes.


Education is not the only reason people use YouTube, of course. Of those surveyed, 28% admit to using YouTube as a way to pass time, however, most of these individuals are younger adults. Furthermore, 19% use it for guidance on new purchases, showing that YouTube has become a big part of people’s lives.


While YouTube is not the best source for accurate news, most of its users get news content from the site. In fact, about 32% of users who visit the site several times a day say it is crucial in helping them understand current events. Despite the site’s importance ,65% of those surveyed stated they sometimes find false videos, 60% say they sometimes find videos that depict dangerous behavior, and 11% state they often see abusive content on the website.


Beyond learning the reasons why people use YouTube, the study also analyzed consumption habits for children. They found out that approximately 81% of parents allow their children to watch videos on YouTube, while 34% allow their kids to use the site regularly. Of these same parents, 60% said they had not seen age-appropriate content which is not surprising due to the fact that there is an entire trend around getting children to watch inappropriate nursery rhyme videos.
For regular YouTube users, most of of this info may not seem new, but it is still important to continue to analyze YouTube in order to help improve its content.

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