NHS Inducts New Members


The American Nicaraguan School Quetzalcoatl chapter of the National Honor Society had its induction ceremony this Tuesday, October 30, from 3:30 to 4:20 p.m., taking place right after the High School Awards Ceremony. The induction took place in the Ossi Room, featuring an elegant and exciting ceremony.


To begin the ceremony, Mrs. Jacqueline Kruger, the advisor for the National Honor Society, asked all the guests present to stand up and receive the members of the National Honor Society, both old and new. The students, an angelic sight, then arrived wearing pristine togas and matching white candles, walking in pairs to the front of the room where they were seated. The officers came first, after the current members and finally, the inductees.


National Honor Society members are from grades 10 to 12. The inductees this year were: Ricardo Bendaña (12th), Ana Gabriela Bendaña (11th), Gabriel Cardenal (12th),  Ximena Castillo (12th), Avis Corea (12th), Andrea Farach (11th), Alexandra Gomez (11th), Min Gue Kwak (10th), Daniella Lacayo (11th), Veronica Lanuza (10th), Gi Ah Lee (10th), Chi En Lee (12th), Carlos Marín (12th), Anastasio Ortiz (10th), Sung Eun Park (10th), Yoon Gi Park (10th), Alicia Pereira (12th), María Fernanda Pertz (11th), Diego Rappaccioli (12th), Ana Margarita Rizo (10th), Laura Sánchez (12th) and Guillermo Terán (12th).


After the anthems of the United States and Nicaragua were sung, and all were seated, the master of ceremonies, ANS senior and National Honor Society member, Melissa Maltes, formally began the induction. She reminded all of the incredible honor that was being in the honor society, stating that NHS members are “role models for other students. In addition to the strong academic records … chapter members are leaders in many student organizations and … serve our school and community.” However, she also reminded them of the responsibility they had to maintain high standards of excellence.


After, Maltes called forth each officer from NHS so that they could light candles representing the distinct pillars of the chapter. President Josie Ann Duran first lit the middle candle of the Eternal Light of Knowledge, and also explained the origins of the chapter’s name, Quetzalcoatl, a great Mayan creator god. She stated that “Quetzalcoatl symbolizes the honest ambition of humankind to rise above earthly, common endeavors to the heights of excellence,” and whose spirit serves “as inspiration to our honor society members … the feathered serpent of Olmec creation embodies the qualities that a National Honor Society member must have.”


Vice-President Pablo Lacayo lit the next candle, that of Scholarship, indicating its importance to NHS, an organization with members of high academic standing and a drive for excellence. He stated that “scholarship denotes a commitment to learning,” and that “knowledge by itself is meaningless: for it to be of value, it must be applied to the good of the whole of creation.”


Secretary Ji Su Kim lit the next candle, that of Service, and shared its meaning. She emphasized on the importance of service. Kim stated that “a willingness to work for the benefit of those in need, without monetary compensation or public recognition” was a quality sought after by NHS for its members, and that these had to be “committed to volunteering [their] time and talents to the creation of a better tomorrow.”


Treasurer Wei-Ting Shih lit the next candle, that of Leadership, and detailed the characteristics of a NHS leader. She highlighted the vital role of leadership in society as a catalyst for individual and collective growth, progress and success. She stated that “the price of leadership is sacrifice – the willingness to yield one’s personal interests for the interests of others. A leader has self-confidence and will go forward when others hesitate … Leadership is always needed; thus to lead is a meaningful and substantive charge to each of our members.”


Finally, Parliamentary Inhyuk Seo lit the last candle, that of Character, and described its function as a powerful engine of action within NHS members. He stated that “character is the force within the individual that distinguishes each person from others. It creates for each of us our individuality, our goodness … character is achieved and not received … by demonstrating such qualities as respect, responsibility, trustworthiness, fairness, caring, and citizenship, we may hope to prove by example that we value character.”


After the candles were lit, guest speaker, Ms. Tahnee Zerón, went to the podium to give her speech. Zerón, alumnus of ANS Class of 1996, former member of the Quetzalcoatl Chapter of NHS, ANS Sports Hall of Fame member and current PTO president, centered her speech on the vital importance of service, for it was the only pillar of NHS that focused on both improving the individual and the collective. She also spoke about the great privilege that being a member of NHS was and the incredible impact being a member has had on her life. She ended her speech on an inspirational note, urging the inductees to thrive and rise to meet their potential.


The ceremony concluded after President Durán led a pledge for all members and inductees, and after the members were given their stoles and diplomas that officially made them National Honor Society members. The members and guests then enjoyed some refreshments, celebrating the moment.


Congratulations to the new members!

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  1. Edgard A. Lacayo | November 9, 2018 at 9:08 pm | Reply

    Congratulations to all the excellent students. Yo should all be proud of a job well done.

  2. Marcia Bennett | November 9, 2018 at 11:17 pm | Reply

    Wonderful accomplishment!! Well deserved to hard working you students!!! o much to be proud of!!

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