AASCA Basketball Results

Wednesday, October 24:

Our Men’s Basketball Team: Captain – Steven Zapata # 23 (Senior), Sub-Captain – Thomas Holt # 26 (Senior), Leo Lee # 7 (Senior), Claudio Rosales # 20 (11th grade), Gabriel Morales # 1 (10th), Xavier Sánchez # 35 (10th), Andrés Guerrero # 6 (10th), Ji Wook Jung # 2 (10th), Luciano Carrión # 10 (9th), along with his coaches: Mr. Hugh Cash (Head Coach) and Mr. Norland Ramirez (Assistant Coach), participated in the Tournament International AASCA Basketball 2018, organized by the Lincoln International School, San Jose, Costa Rica.

In the Men’s division there were 16 teams in 4 groups, in Women – 12 teams in 3 groups, total participation: More than 320 athletes from the following schools and countries:

Competition System for Masculine Branch:

16 teams: 4 groups of 4. The 2 best teams in each group advance to an 8-team tournament (Gold Division). Quarterfinals, semifinals and finals to be placed in places 1-8. The 2 (3-4 place) bottom teams of each group advance to an 8-team tournament (Silver Division). Quarterfinals, semifinals and finals for places 9-16. 6 games each team for a total of 48 games in male branch.

The school is newly built, with top quality sports facilities, was the headquarters of most parties. They have 4 roofed courts, with their respective bleachers. Another venue was the Polideportiva Court of the Recreational Park of the North. All matches the ANS team played at Lincoln High School.


2:40 PM, Elementary Basketball Court

First training and recognition of the field. In that court we played 5 games.


Thursday, October 25:

Game # 1: ANS (29) vs CMG Colegio Maya Guatemala (56)

In this first game, the boys started with a lot of nervousness, we had a lot of turnovers, deconcentration, errors in both the offensive and defensive parts, I lacked more aggression and decision. To all this, the ankle injury of Leo Lee, one of our regular players, was added, which could not continue in the game.


Outstanding Players: Ji Wook Jung 11 points.


Game # 2: ANS (42) vs MBS Marian Baker School Costa Rica (35)

Our first victory is achieved. The team showed determination, less nervous, more aggressive and delivered both offensive and in defense. It was a very difficult match, but thanks to the fact that they remained focused and with good tactical discipline, they won. Leo Lee, did not play for having been injured in the first game, Ji Wook and Steven suffered from cramps in the last period of play. Highlights: Steven Zapata: 14 points, Ji Wook: 10 points, Thomas Holt: 6 points, plus important defensive rebounds.

Friday, October 26

Game # 3 ANS (11) vs EIS Sampedrana International School (63)

We are faced with a clearly superior team (Later Winner of II Place in the Gold Division) both in offensive and defensive, before such situation is decided not to wear the players or expose them to an injury, for which they were given more participation to the players who had played the least time. The objective was to prepare for the next match corresponding to the Silver Division. Highlights: Andres Guerrero: 5 points, Ji Wook Jung: 4 points.

Game # 4. Quarterfinals Silver Division: ANS (20) vs CAG American School of Guatemala (43)

A very difficult game, where the team was quite disconcerted, with many inaccuracies and failures, showing symptoms of fatigue to be the fourth game in two days and with few players of change. Many offensive and defensive errors were committed, as well as many turnovers. It is necessary to emphasize the bravery, delivery and sacrifice of Leo Lee, that still affected by the injury in his right ankle, participated actively in the game, giving a great example to his companions. Highlights: Steven Zapata: 6 points, Thomas Holt: 7 points, Andres Guerrero: 5 points.


Saturday, October 26

Game # 5 (by positions 5-8 in Silver Division) ANS (36) vs MBS Marian Baker School Costa Rica (33)

Super intense and emotional match, which was decided in the last 7 seconds of the game, with a basket and a free throw by Steven. The team showed claw, aggressiveness, enough intensity in offensive and defensive, good tactical discipline. In the key moments the good defense was a determining factor. Highlights: Steven Zapata. 20 points, Ji Wook: 9 points.

Game # 6 (for position 5 in Silver Division) ANS (40) vs AIS American International School Costa Rica (37)

Very exciting match and very fought, defined missing 14 seconds, with a free kick scored by Claudio Rosales, ensuring the win. In the second period Leo Lee suffered from the ankle injury and between tears had to leave the game, as did Steven Zapata by accumulating 5 fouls, with one minute and a half to play. The team showed punch, aggressiveness, a great defense, team work and determination. Highlights: Steven Zapata: 16 points, Ji Wook: 13 points, Thomas Holt and Claudio Rosales, great defensive work and in the recovery of defensive rebounds.

Closing Ceremony: ALL STAR TEAM Awards: Thomas Holt, Leo Lee

         MOST VALUABLE PLAYER (MVP) Award: Steven Zapata

         FINAL POSITION: 5th. Place in Silver Position

We feel very satisfied and proud of the role played by the whole team, showing in each match

determination, courage, courage, sacrifice and teamwork. Despite the difficulties, the adversities and injuries they were able to demonstrate that they are true warriors, in addition they also demonstrated their discipline both within off the court.

This tournament undoubtedly constituted a great experience for all, especially for the novice players and with less experience, and teaches us that we must continue working even more and better to obtain results superiors

It was a tournament of good level of play and organization, although it is true that arbitration was fine, it should be noted that there was problems in the annotation, confusions and errors that appeared in the official sheets of annotation.

It is also necessary to use the statistical software of FIBA, to provide the statistics of the players and teams, as was done in the previous AASCA 2017 edition, in Guatemala.

Finally, a recognition and thanks to the parents for their great support before and during the tournament, encouraging and collaborating with the team, both for what were directly on the courts and those that, although they were away followed step by step, minute by minute every game.


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