Your Life is Not Your Own

People often refer to suicide as taking their own life. However, when you do the deed, so to speak, you really aren’t making your life any different besides the fact that, well, you aren’t alive anymore. You don’t have to deal with any of the repercussions of your death, all of the issues that are now someone else’s problems. Think about it. Your school has to deal with both the loss of a student and a peer. Your friends and family have to deal with the emotional damage done to them. Your parents have to deal with media, and people wondering what they did wrong to make you off yourself. The idea that you ‘take your own life’ is an oxymoron, a saying that means the opposite of what it is. You don’t take your own life, you take your life away from others.
So, what can you do to stop yourself from giving into your own despair, which in the end only gives it to other people? Insecurity, self-hatred, and other forms of depression can be very hard to combat, especially with the way mainstream media has portrayed it today. Taking anti-depressants is often made fun of, and it’s even worse for therapy – it’s seen as as some sort of joke, a time where talking about your feelings with a stranger is costing you money. But these really are effective treatments. Sometimes, depression can merely be a chemical imbalance in your brain, and nothing you can do in your own life can fix that, but antidepressants can. Therapy, however you see it, is a very viable way of talking over your issues with others, and getting a non-biased, polite, and often times very helpful view on the situation. Taking your own life should never, ever, be the answer to your problems, no matter how big or many there may be.
The hard and straight of it is that no life is worth giving up on, and no problems are so big that suicide is a viable option. All treatments, from drugs to therapy, can be real answers, no matter what the media says and shows. And, above all, make sure that you can help others when they have their own problems. If you see someone struggling to get by, someone who seems far too detached, help them out. Make a new friend, or talk to someone you trust about figuring out a solution. And, never forget, your life is not really your own.

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