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What does one usually picture when they think about Saturdays?


For most, Saturdays are about relaxing, sleeping in, working, spending quality time with family or friends, or having Netflix marathons, in which they catch up with their favorite shows and movies.


Certainly, most people would not associate Saturdays, especially Saturday mornings, with debate.


However, this was the case on Saturday, August 25, when passionate students and staff from different schools across the country came to the St. Augustine Preparatory Academy for the first DALE Nicaragua practice.


At 8:30 a.m. Saturday, people began to arrive to the site of the practice, one which would last roughly four hours and end at midday. The participants included students from a great variety of schools, from the American Nicaraguan School to the Lincoln International Academy to even the Nicaraguan Christian Academy – Matagalpa. Students from the latter school travelled more than two hours to be there!


Delegates came to practice their skills and debate thrilling topics.The, Spanish and English committees looked into how to improve the healthcare systems of Latin America, as well as ways to combat crime. The Spanish and French cabinets simulated U.S. President Kennedy’s Cabinet at the time of his death in their respective languages, showing great linguistic prowess, resourcefulness and knowledge.


Finally, the Spanish and English Courts debated the case of Nelson Carvajal vs. State of Colombia. Carvajal, a journalist, was believed to have been murdered by the Colombian government due to his continuous dedication towards uncovering government corruption; he sought to promote greater democracy and transparency in the country. However, the State gave a well-done argument in the trial, allowing them to win the case with unanimous support from the judges.


Delegates, in addition to debating, also had the opportunity to socialize and relax with each other, such as during debate icebreakers and breaks.


DALE, which stands for Debates Académicos de Líderes Estudiantiles, as an event, was originally scheduled for April. Unfortunately, due to the country’s situation, the event was forced to be rescheduled, taking into consideration the safety and wellbeing of all of those involved. Fortunately, DALE was able to return, and with even more resolve to continue its program than ever.


The practice on Saturday, August 25 is the first of four total practices which are to be be given before the new rescheduled conference dates, October 12 and 13.


The next practice will be Saturday, September 8, and it will take place in the Nicaraguan Christian Academy – International.


There are a total of nine committees to choose from: Press (Bilingual), le Cabinet exécutif de François Duvalier (French), CELAC (Spanish), Cumbre de las Américas (Spanish), Gabinete Histórico de Fidel Castro (Spanish), Corte (Spanish), OAS Special Mission (English), UN Security Council (English) and Court (English).


People can find information and register to participate in the event at https://www.dalenicaragua.com/. The whole DALE staff hopes to see all delegates, both old and new, there!


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