ANS Excels in DALE

After months of anticipation, DALE’s Sixth Congress was finally held on October 12 and 13 last week at the Camino Real Hotel, with nearly 200 students from more than two dozen schools participating in the debate conference. DALE, which was founded in 2013 by 12th grade Spanish teacher Ms. Sonia Davila and ANS high school students at the time, has grown exponentially over the past years, becoming a regional example of student leadership, social awareness, civility, and democratic debate.

This year’s congress was special from the start, as, for the first time in the organization’s history, it was trilingual, with debates being held in English, Spanish, and French. DALE 2018 had a total of nine committees: three in English, four in Spanish, one in French, and a bilingual Press Corps. Students had the opportunity to participate in a wide range of topics, debating all sorts of  topics like social inequality in Latin America, human trafficking, and the importance of infrastructure and social services. They also had the chance to participate in historic committees based on the cabinets of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro and infamous Haitian president Jean-Claude “Papa Doc” Duvalier, as well as in one set in 2030.

The committees were all chaired by high school students, including several from ANS. Juniors Claudio Rosales and Wei-Ting Shih, along with seniors Avis Corea, Laura Sanchez, and Pablo Lacayo were in charge of the CELAC, Inter-American Court of Human Rights, United Nations Security Council, OAS Special Mission, and Summit of the Americas committees.

The performance of the ANS delegation this year was impressive, taking a third of all the prizes awarded at the Congress. Junior Regina Franco won the second honorable mention in OAS Special Mission, while fellow senior Fernando Morales garnered the same accomplishment in Summit of the Americas. Junior Maria Alejandra Morales won third place in Press Corps, while sophomore Carlota Navarrete was named best delegate in Fidel Castro’s cabinet. However, the school’s most impressive feat came in the UNSC and Inter-American Court of Human Rights committees, where tigers took all four recognitions in each. In the United Nations Security Council committee, Juan Ignacio Ortiz was Best Delegate; Diego Rappaccioli, outstanding delegate; Luiselena Gutierrez, first honorable mention; and Jihun Jung, second honorable mention.In addition, Inhyuk Seo was awarded Best Delegate in Court, followed by Susan Castellon as outstanding delegate, Yoon-Gi Park as first honorable mention, and Ji-Wook Jung as second honorable mention.

Congratulations to all! The school is proud of this amazing accomplishment, and looks forward to seeing more and more tigers excel in debate, assuring their positions as leaders of tomorrow.


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